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  1. i juss play ps2, nothing special..
  2. what do you mean you get to change ur signature? cant we juss change it ourself?
  3. too hot to skate?.. i thought skaters love the heatt?
  4. cuz thats how i always do it.. its like a reflex...
  5. lol dude..easy up chillax once in a while.. its like this is world war 1 or something.. jeez..
  6. lol my dad has a shitty car.. but thats why i ride with my mom.. but then again i wish they would have the show here in canada
  7. yea man same here.. oh well this is a great discovery..
  8. welcome back even though i didnt really know you that much.
  9. nice.. i thought rockstar was gonna stay with sony for this one.. i guess i was wrong..
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