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  1. what do you do

    i juss play ps2, nothing special..
  2. KFM Warehouse Sale

    what do you mean you get to change ur signature? cant we juss change it ourself?
  3. GTA London TC Released

    damn cant wait to get it..
  4. YO!

    too hot to skate?.. i thought skaters love the heatt?
  5. Pimp My Ride

    cuz thats how i always do it.. its like a reflex...
  6. Pimp My Ride

    well i guess i'll juss report myself..
  7. Pimp My Ride

    lol dude..easy up chillax once in a while.. its like this is world war 1 or something.. jeez..
  8. Pimp My Ride

    lol my dad has a shitty car.. but thats why i ride with my mom.. but then again i wish they would have the show here in canada
  9. X-Gaming

    yea man same here.. oh well this is a great discovery..
  10. YO!

    welcome back even though i didnt really know you that much.
  11. PlayStation 3 Unveiled, GTA4 Confirmed!

    this topic is juss messed up yo;.
  12. New San Andreas Xbox Screenshots

    nice.. i thought rockstar was gonna stay with sony for this one.. i guess i was wrong..