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  1. Happy birthday Mr inactivce

  2. happy bday dude

  3. come back to us or give me your money man please :)

  4. I want your money!

  5. come back on

  6. zimoo

    Favorite Empire Building Mission

    If you have to use a boat for smuggling then I can safely say right now that'll be my least favourite. Protection and loansharking are my favourites so far, prostitution is a bit too taxi-driver like for my liking.
  7. zimoo

    What will you do first in the game?

    I'll sit around in a car for hours looking for the best radio station
  8. zimoo

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Most of your ideas are good, but I've never been keen on the petrol idea. Yes it would add a bit of realism, but I'd much rather the game be less realistic and not need to worry about petrol levels. I played a few mods with petrol as an added feature, and I absolutely hated them. Plus...I never last long enough with cars to justify buying petrol for them (same reason I don't upgrade them in SA).
  9. Hello Zimoo, congrats on the 1000th post.

  10. zimoo

    Favorite thing to do with Vice City?

    I like going into Little Havanna, punching a few cubans and running away, and leading them right into the nearest group of Haitians I can find. 3-way gang wars are also cool, it's just a shame the gangs aren't more represented.
  11. zimoo

    Most Improved Member

    Dave without a doubt. I remember his Crimson days, when he got banned a few times and constantly spammed.
  12. zimoo

    **SOLD OUT**

    I'll take your V8 Ghost, sending money now.
  13. zimoo

    [REQ] Katana

    200 is my final offer. It's sold out in the shops. Take it or leave it.
  14. zimoo

    [REQ] Katana

    200 dollars and you can have mine.