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  1. Happy birthday Mr inactivce

  2. happy bday dude

  3. come back to us or give me your money man please :)

  4. I want your money!

  5. come back on

  6. If you have to use a boat for smuggling then I can safely say right now that'll be my least favourite. Protection and loansharking are my favourites so far, prostitution is a bit too taxi-driver like for my liking.
  7. I'll sit around in a car for hours looking for the best radio station
  8. Most of your ideas are good, but I've never been keen on the petrol idea. Yes it would add a bit of realism, but I'd much rather the game be less realistic and not need to worry about petrol levels. I played a few mods with petrol as an added feature, and I absolutely hated them. Plus...I never last long enough with cars to justify buying petrol for them (same reason I don't upgrade them in SA).
  9. Hello Zimoo, congrats on the 1000th post.

  10. I like going into Little Havanna, punching a few cubans and running away, and leading them right into the nearest group of Haitians I can find. 3-way gang wars are also cool, it's just a shame the gangs aren't more represented.
  11. Dave without a doubt. I remember his Crimson days, when he got banned a few times and constantly spammed.
  12. I'll take your V8 Ghost, sending money now.
  13. 200 is my final offer. It's sold out in the shops. Take it or leave it.
  14. 200 dollars and you can have mine.
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