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  1. ouch, i just fall from up the roof and hit the ground with my elbow! pain! i was feel like my hand is broke!!!

    GTA Don;

    Avatar - 6.2/10 meh make a good one next time

    Signature - 8/10 TM's work job, i like it

    Person - 8/10 good member, maybe is a the don of all GTAs

  2. i will not accept any spamming members like Hazer....if he spams again i have no choices, just report him to a moderator is a good choice...just because of Hazer's stupidility who wants to become a Don is pretty annoying in this topic...i wont easily give my gang to the idiot (Hazer)....btw he didnt read the criteria and says wanted to join my gang in the early since he was registered at the day



    i dont know why does you can join my gang very early?

  3. hey guys! RVC version 1.0 came :D download it below!!!

    new features:

    -very hard missions

    -if you play classic controls, your accuracy of holding weapon is 100%

    -i relocated where Ken drop Tommy off so Tommy wont merge into the car

    -some cars that doesnt spawn on map spawns now for export

    -swimming included

    -wall climbing mod included (glitch : you also can climb very high until the roof top)

    -1st person camera car view

    -realistic money award

    -the cars that park anywhere will have alarms (except normal car parkings)

    -f*cking mod included replaced oceanic in front of Ocean View Hotel with a Infernus


  4. Gta mod installer is useless!! Try using VCMM!! It is whole lot damn reliable!!

    F*CK YOU!!!! GTA mod installer is more useful then VCMM!!!! VCMM is a garbage!!! even i cant install a VCM mods to it!!!!! :angry:


    to newbie:

    try to use IMG Tool :)

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