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  1. ^mellow <good v dog this words above me is not related anyone here
  2. ouch, i just fall from up the roof and hit the ground with my elbow! pain! i was feel like my hand is broke!!! GTA Don; Avatar - 6.2/10 meh make a good one next time Signature - 8/10 TM's work job, i like it Person - 8/10 good member, maybe is a the don of all GTAs
  3. agree with you lazlow is good in GTA 3,LCS,VC and VCS
  4. and why did you post SAMI? use GMI is useful than installing using IMG Tool
  6. mad team pawns your arse tonight!
  7. sorry for double posts... the archive is password protected...please use my name to enter it (no capital letters)
  8. i was killed in VC:MP yesterday im currently installing MTA:VC and SA
  9. banned for suspending the user above u
  10. nahz, i dont have GTA SA because my GTA SA is took away by my cousin next time for sure i will make Real San Andreas
  11. avatar - 7.6/10 signature - ??? person - errrmmmm... 8/10 a cool graphic maker
  12. hey guys! RVC version 1.0 came download it below!!! new features: -very hard missions -if you play classic controls, your accuracy of holding weapon is 100% -i relocated where Ken drop Tommy off so Tommy wont merge into the car -some cars that doesnt spawn on map spawns now for export -swimming included -wall climbing mod included (glitch : you also can climb very high until the roof top) -1st person camera car view -realistic money award -the cars that park anywhere will have alarms (except normal car parkings) -f*cking mod included replaced oceanic in front of Ocean View Hotel with a Infernus RVC_V1.rar
  13. F*CK YOU!!!! GTA mod installer is more useful then VCMM!!!! VCMM is a garbage!!! even i cant install a VCM mods to it!!!!! ANYHOW YOUR POST IS VERY POINTLESS!!!!! to newbie: try to use IMG Tool
  14. hi newbie (azndesire92), welcome to TGTAP btw IMG Tool is complicated with all GTAs but GTA Mod Installer is not compatible with SA... SA needs San Andreas Mod Installer thats all you know if you install any mods
  15. avatar - 8.2/10 for having R* image as your avatar signature - 10/10 owns all at here! person - 9.2/10 hmm....just a moderator, but with cool personlality
  16. still the GMI (GTA Mod Installer) is a BETA so theres bugs...i cant even rename the car with this handy tool, only GXT editor done it
  17. thank you anyhow, the 9999999 ammo is not yet removed, i will remove and release it on 4 Feb 2008
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