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  • Birthday 02/05/1994

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    San Andreas
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    Programming, reading books about programming, playing GTA games, modding GTA stats, cyber cafes, big parties and forums.

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  1. fflgjdghdlazvbxczkjc

  2. Haha, BANNED!!!

  3. suck it you banned bitch

  4. I'm gonna miss the dude and his silly posts :(

  5. Banned for Multiple Accounts I see?

  6. Hey Ray! Happy birthday! Enjoy your day :)

  7. whoa man! today is your birthday :P Hope you have a good one!

  8. ^mellow <good v dog this words above me is not related anyone here
  9. ouch, i just fall from up the roof and hit the ground with my elbow! pain! i was feel like my hand is broke!!! GTA Don; Avatar - 6.2/10 meh make a good one next time Signature - 8/10 TM's work job, i like it Person - 8/10 good member, maybe is a the don of all GTAs
  10. agree with you lazlow is good in GTA 3,LCS,VC and VCS
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