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  1. Gycu

    yep, azi am dat examen si am reusit :)

  2. Your politicians sound a bit boring, sorry to say this. Listen one whole day to our politicians, what they say, how they act, what they do and so and you will be amazed, very amazed. Its like a comedy movie only that is in a bigger scale and as characters there are politicians and journalists. Right now, after the election ended and we have a new President ( the same old one ) the tension is much more higher, and funny. Anyhow, what is bad is that nothing was done to stop the Economic Crisis....it is still going like madness. The Government had fallen like 2 months ago because the 2 biggest parties in the country that were in the government had a fight and one of them left....they did nothing to stop it....
  3. After 100 years I come back.... :))

  4. Yes he "crushed" my opinion, although crushed is too much to say. He knows much more English than me, he knows how to combine the words and their meaning to create a post that for someone with a low level of English grammar and words, like me, its almost impossible to answer. That's why he "crushed" it. And yes again, he got it all wrong when he says I'm a child when he really has no idea what my personality is. From a simple post you clearly cannot know someone!
  5. Oh this'll be a fun one, it will. Destroying nature? Child, we as humans have been doing that ever since we realized that we could question our life. Humanity((the emotion, not the physical being)) has been, for a long time, an un-natural occurrence. We've trained ourselves that instant-gratification is more important than anything, and that as long as the human race advances all is good. Fuck the rest of the world. Humans have not been natural for thousands of years, why should we suddenly stop that trend? Nudity is natural. Having sex is natural. Killing for food/self defense/protection of area is all natural. These things are frowned upon, though. C'mon guys, make up your minds. Do you want natural or un-natural? You can't just pick and choose. I never said fast cars weren't NORMAL. I don't even deal with the word normal, because while it's definition is unchangeable((let's just pretend it is)), what classifies as "normal" changes with the passing time. I said fast cars were not NATURAL. NO motorized vehicle is natural. This cannot be argued, it does not exist in nature. Before making an assumption at what a "normal"((try not using words with such fluid meanings)) man with intelligence would decide to do, you should first at least some-what fit that criteria. Currently, you're living in your safe little "normal" world, sheltered from real life. Oh, but it's just fine and dandy for the chick to deal with it. Yeah, you'd have an entirely different opinion if you were a chick and had to do it. The want for fast cars is natural, that does not make the car natural. The same "need"((it isn't a necessity, for the record, it's a want, you can live without it)) is what makes us ride rollercoasters, but giant steel structures perfectly planned out so that a vehicle can maneuver around it sending humans at speeds that now reach over 100 MPH definitely do not happen naturally. The child's mouth and your nipple are both things that are already there. This, automatically, makes your point null and void. However, I will further prove that your original statement is wrong. Just as you believe the male nipple is not suppose to feed a child, the penis is not suppose to go into a mouth. It was meant for two things, and two things only. Urinating and producing off-spring. Blowjobs do neither of those, and as such, are not natural. What about a single-father? Without the mother-father difference, no real psychological harm will be done to the child. And what about single mothers? Growing up without one of your parents alone can do psychological damage, but we aren't taking children from single mothers because of it. As much as I HATE when women BAAAAAWWW over childbirth, she has a point there. None of you would hold the opinions you do if you had to switch shoes with a pregnant female from impregnation to even 2 year of life. None of you. Wait a minute, lol, you think that I'm a kid or something like that? That really must be the most hilarious thing I heard in the last 2 days. Really I'm laughing.....Come on be real.... What is this: "Currently, you're living in your safe little "normal" world, sheltered from real life"? This is what my post indicates to you? Oh my God no.........you really FAILED badly at the "Child" point and at "How my life goes" because in rest things you said were quite good and interesting. But still, stop with trying to describe people only by what they say because it doesn't work. Focus on the topic and on what I said in my post not on persons/characters/personalities. What you find good is good for you. What I find good is good for me. I don't find this good, you probably find it good, not a problem.
  6. Lazy? They still do all the hardwork, it's JUST BREASTFEEDING. And you prefer to live in the stone age or something? Things were going fine? If you got some disease or the flu, you'd be most likely dead, but nowadays, all this unnatural things like modern medicine would save your ass. And Oh My God, men breastfeeding, this is truly an awfull world. A lot of deadly diseases are laboratory diseases. They were made in laboratory then sent off in the whole World. Just take a damn look at swine flu. You see me SAYING that I prefer to live in Stone Age? Dude you even tried to read my post or what? Stop assuming things from my post. To Little_Chestnut: This happens for millions of years. The reproduction, everything. Why we have to change it just cause we live in 21 century? Why we have to destroy/change what Nature gave us? Wasn't breast feeding reserved only for women from the start of humans till this guy started to do this? I see that humans went pretty well with this and human species survived, why it has to be changed right now? MrLlama kinda clarified what I am trying to say here.
  7. Probably this will annoy some...but women are starting to get lazy with raising children or what? This is the best example. Firstly it completely crushes the human nature and Law of Nature. Why we have to destroy what is on for millions of years just cause some scientists say so. Not everything scientists say is true. Back then, in Stone Age for example, there weren't scientists and still things were going fine. Secondly, I don't see no normal man with some intelligence really doing this. It is just not normal. I saw something about fast cars. You put on a car a bigger engine and haha a faster car. That's normal. What's not normal in that? But you cannot consider a man breast feeding a baby something normal. I know I would not. This is the continuing of what I said few posts earlier. God dammit the World is going worser with each day that passes.
  8. Don omar - Uno dos tres cuatro Yeah man this sounds so cool.
  9. We do not remove warnings, only when they are accidental would they be removed.

  10. Do you have an idea when my warnings will be deleted?

  11. Romanian neighbors ( except Republic of Moldavia ) are not Latin based languages. France, Spain, Portugal are like in a row of Latin Languages ( Italy is a very bit far of them ). We are neighbored by Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia...so we have Slavic language influences too as long with our old Thraco-Dacian words. So its a mix up. That's why our accent is kinda different and some of our words kinda differ. Eu sunt roman si sunt mandru de acest lucru. Il consider cel mai de pret lucru. Romania e tara mea de suflet.
  12. Right now.....0 hours of gaming, 1-2 hours of staying on internet. God damn college...
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62alzYR2kLo This song freaking rocks!
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