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  1. SteveFromKzooMI

    Downgrade SA v2 -> v1

    i tried this patch, it made my gta sa run so slow i could barely exit the program. is there any other patch or just this one?
  2. SteveFromKzooMI

    race mod request

  3. SteveFromKzooMI

    race mod request

    thank you, now my only question is how do i know what cars are in the race missions lol
  4. SteveFromKzooMI

    race mod request

    hey everybody, i was hoping someone could help me out. i heard i could edit my handling.cfg file to make the races easier (i go normal speed, the other cars are quite slow), well im scared i might mess up the file so i wanted to ask here, maybe theres a mod out for this already for maybe someone can hook one up or in the least possibly post a guide so i might edit the handling.cfg myself. many thanks
  5. SteveFromKzooMI

    GTA San Andreas driving mod?

    need a mod for driving quests. im on the driving quest where u see the GTA III guy and i cant beat it. been trying 2 straight days for hours each day. need a mod to slow the other cars down or somthing