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  1. it would only be banned until they get rid of the content wouldn't it?
  2. when you go into the building in the mission "G-spotlight" in the PCJ-600 and then enter the elevator to take you to the upper floor, you may notice that the windows that you go through on your bike can be shattered (duh!). You can thus just shoot the windows and then honk you're horn at people which are near the window and if you're lucky, they'll run straight out of the window into instant death.
  3. how about a rocket car or something of the like?
  4. allow me to say that again, what i meant to say was that the deluxo from GTA was based off the delorean and though in real life, it has no time travelling powers, it would be cool to go to the future. Though they stopped producing them, they could still use it in the game!
  5. as the deluxo is the back to the future car, I think that it would be cool if you could use it to go to the future of whichever country it is that you are playing in and there should be futuristic cars which "hover" a foot or so above the air but still have controls like a plane etc. there should be new weapons, new missions and a very changed city. the only down side which i can see is that the music won't be able to set the mood as we don't know what music in the future would be like
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