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  1. Mr. Inferno

    My New Laptop

    I have a laptop with a 8600m GT too and it's a very good gaming card. I have a core2duo t7500 too(2.2GHz and 4 MB L2 cache.) Only your color.
  2. Mr. Inferno

    GTA IV Special Edition Offer.

    I'm sure as hell gonna buy the special edition. In my country, holland there is a nice preorder pack available now. It come's with a DVD with the trailers in HD, some cards and a "creditcard". It cost's 10 euro and with the creditcard there goes 10 euro off from the normal GTA IV price In fact it's free. I'm probably gonna buy it after cristmas.
  3. Mr. Inferno

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi! I am a dutch boy and i am GTA-fan since the release of GTA III. I've been on onther forums before so i know a bit how it works. Sorry for my bad english btw but i'm dutch. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Hey guys, post something! :)