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  1. Yeah, you can use a cheat to get rid of cops: B, right, B, right, left, X, Y, up. But, no, that has never happened to me even though I have met all the girlfriends and completed the game...
  2. In order to make a ton of money on San Andreas, there is a cheat for Health, Armour, and $250,000. This is the XBOX key combo: R, black, L, A, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up. I have entered this cheat almost 3000 times and I have about 700 million dollars...yes thats right, 700,000,000 dollars. A wonderful way to immediately buy every property and open up endless possibilities in the game!!! You're welcome!!! stay TRUE to your RELIGION... -enzoferrari522
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