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    Car springs audio

    Hi, you know when you get a hooker and then when the action starts? It makes weird spring noises, so I would like to know the file that holds that audio so I can replace it. Thata all and thanks Merc
  2. Mercedes_Benz

    I need help modding weapons

    you have to manually install weapons via img tool because gmi doesnt support them
  3. Mercedes_Benz

    Uv Mapping

    sorry for double posting, but im stuck at this point (check pic) could someone tell me what to do from here, I just alligned the model with the picture that's all.
  4. Mercedes_Benz

    Uv Mapping

    Uh hi. I would like to know how to put textures onto a model I made in zmodeler 1.07 but I don't know how So if there's someone nice that knows how to texture a gun I would gladly accept the help. If it's easier just to do it yourself and send it back to me I could just upload it on the download section Thanks , Mercedes_Benz
  5. Mercedes_Benz

    Uv Mapping

    Uh ok i'll give it a try
  6. Mercedes_Benz


    It's probably because you don't have Vice City V1.0 or v1.1 just get a downgrade patch and it'll work
  7. Mercedes_Benz

    New colors

    Nice color man! I got 4 : 0,179,179 cool turquoise 255,142,0 orange-red 192,0,0 blood red 0,144,0 forest green hope you like them
  8. Mercedes_Benz

    New colors

    Hi! could someone please show me how to make new colors and help me put them in vice city because I have some awesome colors but I'm not sure how to put them in Any help would be appreciated...
  9. Mercedes_Benz

    New colors

    I have a request or proposition to ask you... Can all of you send the rgb code of the best and/or most awsome colors you made up? (So I could put them in Vice City) If any colors come, thanks to the person who posted some
  10. Mercedes_Benz

    New colors

    Ok thanks a lot man I appreciate it greatly
  11. Mercedes_Benz

    New colors

    well this is type of what I wanted but I wanted to know HOW to make the colors you posted before. For example what do the numbers at the beginning (ex: 254,64,54) mean and is the the name (ex: BLUE LIGHTNING) the name of the color or very important piece of making the colors. Also what program could I use to view those colors?, instead of putting them in Vice City and viewing them Thanks anyways for the colors
  12. Mercedes_Benz

    RC Bandit mission

    Go real north on the beach until you hit the dirt track. Now find the TopFun van and get in it. That's all there is to it.
  13. Mercedes_Benz

    Looking for a car?

    HOWs About a Hemi CUDA preferably from '71 but any model will do! THX!
  14. Mercedes_Benz

    hey i need someone to convert

    i need some one that has a 3ds exporter in sketchup to convert my Chaparral that is in .skp into .3ds here's the link: http://rapidshare.com/files/96430345/Chaparral_2J..skp.html thx!
  15. Mercedes_Benz

    I request a sig plz

    Ok could anyone who reads this make me a sig on Full Metal Alchemist where you see a transmutation (alchemy) circle, Ed, Al in his suit of armor , and an awsome background preferably red and black but if you find better colors i have no objection.Also if possible could I have an avatar using the same theme and colors. Also here's the link of the transmutation circle: transmutation circle I would like to pay some money but I don't know how and I think I don't have enough. Thanks A Bunch!
  16. Mercedes_Benz

    GTA Stunts: Vice City vs San Andreas (videos)

    After watching both videos i have come to a decision... VICE CITY is the best stunt video out of both of them IMO anyways...
  17. ok her's the problem i log in the gta place through the forums then when i want to go check up on my uploaded files in the download section it says that i'm loggin in as a guest although i'm logged in, then i log out and try to log in through the download section but it still says i'm logged in as a darn guest so if anyone could it would be very much appreciated
  18. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    how do you clear your cookies and what is cookies???
  19. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    well i sent the pm to Chris and im waiting for a reply
  20. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    ok ill give it a go thx ppl
  21. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    who's chris?
  22. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    i will try to upoad 2 pics of the before and after on this post before: after: this is what happens
  23. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    ok where's the forum located (can i have a link plz?)
  24. Mercedes_Benz

    need serious help

    ok i didn't know where to put this topic but anyways i log in the gta place through the forums then when i want to go check up on my uploaded files in the download section it says that i'm loggin in as a guest although i'm logged in so if anyone could it would be very much appreciated
  25. lol thx man (nice pics by the way)