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  1. I was wonderin this after ive seen a few articles saying how hard it was to steal a car.....i was also wonderin if u do steal a car and u manage not get caught would u be able to use that same car throughout the game? because in the other games id steal a car go into a meeetin for a mission and wen i came out it dissapear....... Im just wonderin about this im not saying any1 should know the answears. And also do u guys think it be a good idea to be able to buy cars in the new game?
  2. stealing them from the car showrooom would be fun it be like burglury missions from san adreas
  3. i know the car insurance went a lil 2 far it be anoying after a while, no offense man
  4. ive posted the same topic on other forums.....and every1 likes it i wish i knew how to send stuff to rockstar.........well theres always like 2 that dont but 98% of the people love the idea.
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    This might be stupid new so dont rip me for this it sound a lil retartded. If ur wonderin about the realease date of gta 4 i just pre ordered itand the guy at EB GAMES said it going to be release on Aprill 1rst. I asked him if he was sure and he said hes 80% sure abput april 1rst and 20% of him says it will come out on 3/3/08 the release date wont change. And i asked him y he was so sure and he told me that EB Games/Gamestop, are all official sponsered retailers of R* games and they get new about R* games months before the games come out(Exclusive to EB and Gamestop). and if u go on the rcokstar site under gta4 and u click on pre order it takes u to the sight of those retailers. and on each 1 of those retailers realease dates it shows either 4/1/08 or 3/3/08 Im not sayin their right but it s a bit of info i just found out.
  6. u guys have great ideas....it make the game more fun...........well of course none of us are going to buy a car every time we nneed 1.........sometimes u might stealll 1 wen u dont have the money because u bought 2 many of em and u crashed alll of em or ur just 2 lazy to go halfway across town 2 get ur own car blown up on a mission so ud still steal a car........and i forgot to chek but it be fun if u could stealll cars form car dealerships like infernuses........like ud get a yankee get a ramp and steal the car at night or soemthin i dont know....alll im sayins is that it be fun.
  7. i actualy think tits real and really cant wait for the gamrplay scenes........i think thats going to tell me if the game lived up to expectations because i dont always believe those old 40 year gameplayers what they say. Sometimes teenagers like different things.
  8. HEY!!! thats a good idea..............thx man.
  9. So do You guys think its a good idea to be able to buy cars in the game?
  10. the insurence idea.......a bit 2 far, but hey it makes sense...maybe even buying ur own parking space for how many cars u have......and like the other guy said it make u spend ur money on more things than just food and wepons...in the other games thats all i spent it on and i got more than enough from missions and other jumps that i did.
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    GTA IV Release Date

    I know EB games change thew date from march 3rd to april first.......i called in and they said april 1rst it will be on my door step.(I have rush neighboorhood delivery)=(its like pizza delivery for games.....the EB games is private so the owner has it if u pay 10 dollars extra)
  12. kits not just keeping ur old cars after u steal it.......if they made the game so realistic i think it woul be great if u could go to a car dealership and buy ur own car.