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  1. Pfft as if...it cant be much bigger...did they forget that they gotta store all this stuff somewhere!? Anyways, R* will probably make expansions to IV on the PS3 as well. They just wont abandon the console that started them..R* is not Capcom, remember that. Also, its just weird how R* is making 2 exclusive games (LA Noire and an Unknown one) just for PS3 but then they shaft the PS3 on GTA IV (well we have to wait til release if we can officially say the PS3 got shafted )
  2. But I don't think Rockstar Games has said its the final Grand Theft Auto! Have they? Or have I just confused myself Yeah bro you confused yourself. The final game refers to the game GTA IV itself , in it's finished state.
  3. Yeah it's not really anything special right. It's just to put us into like a mode where OMG A NEW TRAILER IS COMING OMG OMG! Cuz when we think abou it as of now the ONLY footage we have of GTA IV is the trailers and most of the screenshots originate from the trailers so screenshots dont really give us much info. What im interested in is the "live in-game video" that they will release after the trailer...if you've noticed they did this with Liberty City Stories as well
  4. actually, if you go to cynamite.de you can see they've had hands on previews with GTA IV. They look like a huge gaming site, hopefully we get some more info soon.
  5. Don't know about you guys but cynamite.de looks of the same quality as a gamespot.com or a ign.com. It looks like a well known site, well at least for German people. Yeah I don't speak German so I just did a translation and posted it up here.
  6. The 4th trailer was announced to a German website cynamite.de. Also, the website claims that Rockstar also said they will reveal in-game clips AFTER the 4th trailer is shown to public. Take this news how ever way you do however, but this site looks much too credible to be bogus. "GTA IV: Rockstar Games announces fourth trailer Now official: A fourth trailer of Grand Theft Auto 4 will come. Fourth GTA IV trailer. A spokesman for Rockstar Games has over Cynamite confirmed that a fourth of GTA IV trailer gets. The trailer, like the previous ones, in the film's trailer-style "be kept and no direct game scenes. A video with live action from GTA IV to be until after the fourth Trailer published. The release dates of new videos adheres Rockstar Games, however, as cloudy as the release date of the final game. Wir gehen weiterhin von einer Veröffentlichung im April 2008 aus. We continue to go from one publication in April 2008." Click here for the source, in German. Use Babelfish of Google Translate for help.
  7. These 2 things annoy me, but otherwise it's a good read... 1) Why is this game being compared to Halo?! They're both VERY different games, although now with GTAIV sporting multiplayer, I honestly could say that Halo has NOTHING on this game...although yes they are different. So why the hell is there a comparison?! 2) All this talk about low FPS. Well I don't know if you've notice but GTA has never had a smooth camera...note I say camera and not Frame rate. It's the style, there is alot of trailing in all their games, especially Vice City...just think about it. And besides, the game has been delayed for multiple reasons and the game is still in d...duh...development. Thus, there is alot of time for improvement...Like chiill out.
  8. What if his dad was russian, who banged someone in Serbia? LOL I'm joking, let's just wait til the game comes out...enough with the conspiracy theories
  9. STEREOTYPING, ladies and gentlemen. You ASSUMED from the way he sounded that he was russian. You only THOUGHT you knew. It also may be that the people who say 'where is you're Russian friend now?' are assuming that he's Russian because of the way he sounds. For all we know, they could be corrected in the cut - off part of that scene. LOL True, but I highly doubt Roman would say, HES NOT RUSSIAN! HE IS A [insert racial term here]!!! lol
  10. Let me explain my first vision of the trailer...he sounded weird. He was like, Iah killedah peopleh, smawagled peopahl, like he sounded like a terrorist. But yeah he is Russian for sure cmon, "Where is your Russian friend now?" Doesnt that just at least say something?!
  11. Yeah my first instinct was that he was a terrorist, but then watching it the second time I knew he was russian. But people were saying his name was of Croatian origin so I didn't know what to believe..> Was he an ALALALALALA BOMB!!!!!!!!! *E**X**P**L**O**S**I**O**N* Or was he like a I like you peoples... Or was he like a Achmane shshake leoslz leodlaf jdghxj ? Lol i wasconfused.
  12. In the latest trailer, Move Up Ladies, at around 56-59 seconds when Roman is rushed by a couple of guys one even holstering a knife to his neck, you can hear someone say, Where's your Russian friend now, eh? Could that Russian friend be Niko in particular? Well, according to the trailer Niko is pretty much the only person that Roman knows positively because Roman seems to be running away from everyone in the trailer, except for his supposed girlfriend Mallorie. Just a hint at it's probably going to be orientated at the Russian Maffia this time around. So I guess we could omit the previous rumors of him being Croation and such.
  13. The day Jack Thompson is killed is the day that the GTA series will fall. *I don't really mean that...just watch it happen...*
  14. For a grammar freak, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that "its" is not the correct form for saying, "it is". The proper contraction would be, "it's". Thank you.
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