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  1. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Thanks everyone contributing in this topic and special one to Chris
  2. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    i do love San Fierro and specially China town it have these gangs with suits having AKs which i always recruit them
  3. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    Things you don't know about people!

    ok iam scared of the big bugs and from scorpions and snakes .
  4. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    Mafia Gangs

    hi guys i have this thing in recruiting in PS2 , i love it . and i recruit PEDS when i put a cheat about they have weapons . i recruit 6 of them having M4 and the 7th will be one of the china town gang having an AK-47 . and i read the gangs page in the web and i looked at the Mafia paragraph and loved them but didn't understood are they only these 3 families or like the other gangsters they are every where in there territory or what i need some explanation . where to find them with a blueprint ? what is there weapons ? are they much or only 5 or 6 ? when to find them ? are they recruit able ? and anther things if you know . thanks anyway
  5. The Iraqi Army Sniper


    there is one problem i dont have this chip and i dont know how to mod and i have this topic needing your help LINK : http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15584
  6. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    Things you don't know about people!

    OK . I am 11 years old
  7. The Iraqi Army Sniper


    this is unbelievable thanks all anyway
  8. The Iraqi Army Sniper


    hi every body i wanted to ask this thing to the MODS CAN ANYONE OF YOU MODIFY PS2 SanAndreas ?????? like changing the M4 to a silenced , scoped very scoped , have a frag place M4 or putting some new police things like changing police to armed Army having M16s and humvees and killers (if you recruited them you will have an army ) or changing cars as you do in the PC games And thanks Abdul Salam Almaleki Al-Basrah , Iraq
  9. The Iraqi Army Sniper

    help in cheats

    hi every one i have this 3637 cheat on codebreaker (one of these webs) but iiiiii dont understand how to use them so i want some help please this is the link for Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas (Special Edition) Sony PlayStation®2 code breaker page : http://www.cmgsccc.com/games.php?do=view&id=5504 and this is a link to the codes or cheats categories : http://www.cmgsccc.com/codes.php?do=view&id=5504 and he say somethings about having a program or like that i want your help please Abdul Salam Almaleki Al-Basrah , Iraq