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  1. GTA: Capitol City

    Ah yes. *me whips out his old rocking chair* The posts of my much younger self. Damn, this forums became like a ghost town and I've became older and some of my ideas were used.
  2. This is very weird...

    No, No.
  3. This is very weird...

    I have done this before to no prevail, I'm afraid..
  4. This is very weird...

    I have tried installing other mods and they won't install at all and If there is, how do I fix it?
  5. This is very weird...

    No, that didn't work either. Let me tell you all the things I've done. I have tried reinstalling GTA;SA, this didn't work. I have tried reinstalling and cleaning the registry. I have tried changing the txd file of the Hustler, it didn't work. It's just impossible as it seems to get rid of this.
  6. This is very weird...

    Irony is, I installed the mod through IMG Tool 2.0 and that's my primary way of doing it and has been, to no prevail.
  7. This is very weird...

    no, i didn't make backups. v1.0 and yes.
  8. This is very weird...

    Hello friends, it's been a while since I posted. When I install mods for GTASA, they don't install at all (for some reason, I've tried uninstalling GTA:SA, and reinstalling it to no prevail.) and this happened when I installed a 1950s car mod for GTA:SA and I accidently installed it on to the Hustler (which wasn't the correct car model? :S) and I downloaded it from http://www.gta-classics.net/. The car model that I downloaded is.. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police. If someone can fix this, then I will LOVE you forever. I can't install mods because of this and I like to install mods for my GTA:SA. Please help!
  9. GTA V: Rockstar Contact- Gregory Haywoods

    GTA V could have highway patrol, would be cool if they did instead of the standard rural police.
  10. Another GTA 5 Idea

  11. GTA: Capitol City

    Who bumped this topic?
  12. I'm back everyone.

    After months of deciding, and hiding. I decided to come back, after two years. I was shunned by some people, and now I hope I can come back and be welcomed. And always, save a life.
  13. Thanks for the birth-day wish mate.

  14. Clap your hands for taketwo's big new GTA....

  15. I was amazed when i saw this. Grand theft auto: Vice city 2? Holy fucking shit, rockstar is out with it.