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  1. Bar27262

    GTA: Capitol City

    Ah yes. *me whips out his old rocking chair* The posts of my much younger self. Damn, this forums became like a ghost town and I've became older and some of my ideas were used.
  2. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    No, No.
  3. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    I have done this before to no prevail, I'm afraid..
  4. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    I have tried installing other mods and they won't install at all and If there is, how do I fix it?
  5. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    No, that didn't work either. Let me tell you all the things I've done. I have tried reinstalling GTA;SA, this didn't work. I have tried reinstalling and cleaning the registry. I have tried changing the txd file of the Hustler, it didn't work. It's just impossible as it seems to get rid of this.
  6. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    Irony is, I installed the mod through IMG Tool 2.0 and that's my primary way of doing it and has been, to no prevail.
  7. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    no, i didn't make backups. v1.0 and yes.
  8. Bar27262

    This is very weird...

    Hello friends, it's been a while since I posted. When I install mods for GTASA, they don't install at all (for some reason, I've tried uninstalling GTA:SA, and reinstalling it to no prevail.) and this happened when I installed a 1950s car mod for GTA:SA and I accidently installed it on to the Hustler (which wasn't the correct car model? :S) and I downloaded it from http://www.gta-classics.net/. The car model that I downloaded is.. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police. If someone can fix this, then I will LOVE you forever. I can't install mods because of this and I like to install mods for my GTA:SA. Please help!
  9. Bar27262

    GTA V: Rockstar Contact- Gregory Haywoods

    GTA V could have highway patrol, would be cool if they did instead of the standard rural police.
  10. Bar27262

    Another GTA 5 Idea

  11. Bar27262

    GTA: Capitol City

    Who bumped this topic?
  12. Bar27262

    I'm back everyone.

    After months of deciding, and hiding. I decided to come back, after two years. I was shunned by some people, and now I hope I can come back and be welcomed. And always, save a life.
  13. Thanks for the birth-day wish mate.

  14. Bar27262

    Clap your hands for taketwo's big new GTA....

  15. I was amazed when i saw this. Grand theft auto: Vice city 2? Holy fucking shit, rockstar is out with it.