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  1. but it is not someone who has some tips or have had the same problem that can tell!
  2. hey, I have a problem I have downloaded Gta United mod v 1.1 and the new hotfixet mod to it, but when I run the game and play in some min or if i crash a car or somting !freezes as it sometimes! and I have to restart it, I have patches to the 1.0 in GTA SA, so it is the correct version and I use XP! but the game is bought in sweden! I need help to remove the freezer thing! which settings should I have in the game? i have a new computer with the lathes direx 9.0c and a HD on 460gb and 1 TB Ram! the game work good but not this mod!! what is wrong???
  3. hi i have download mads more traffic mod to sa and now i will have it on Gta united mod i have try to replace but it dont work! have someone test it and how i change so all cars spawns as same time lite the maads mod! what lines i change??? i have upload a picture here tell me! help me!
  4. warclaw


    hi i need help with how i can add parked cars on the side on the road and they spawn have some one a good program in gta 3 have a program like edit cars and more work that in sa!?? or how i do i dont found some guides i need help!!! how i do this!!??
  5. Hi i have download GTA: San Andreas DirectX Hook to my gta sa ! how i instal it? i have read the read me file and follow the guide but when i start the game is it in fullscreen mod not i window mod! what is worng i run first gta_sa.dll.dll file afther that The gta lunch! exe but noting happend can some one explaine how i do please 123...guide! please!
  6. hi what is new in GTA United the new version? i hope they fix all the error do somone know that they fix in new version??link? or tell me here! some new city s ?
  7. Hi i have gta united and i can play it but when i save the game and Load the game the game hang and i most restart my computer how i fix that or is it the grafic wrong i have it on very high! give me some tips please
  8. Were can i found the zombie mod for SA? like Resedent evil mod! take away all peds and make zombies insted! some links!
  9. HI thanks for the reply do you know were i found tur... about it??
  10. Hello download the orginal MAIN file from filefront some GTA SA Games have right MAIN file how you instal the file is esey! navigate to c: ROCKSTAR GAMES /GTA SAN ANDREAS/DATA/SCRIPT AND PASTE IT THERE! pm me if you need more help! FINE !
  11. 1 Download the latest direx 9.0 c or higher! 2 go to option and select very high! 3 screen relotion = the highest! try this pm me if you need more help!
  12. I Have some tip! please you use it as your own i take no response for your handling!"] 1 Befor you mod the game create a orginal backup file in some folder on your desktop! 2 reinstal the game! 3 more problems? write in this forum 4 have the CD in the driver! 5 patch it! 6 dont start yet? buy a new computer! 7 thanks if you got more problem PM ! Best regarts
  13. I were i found the editor that i can create my own missions?? and were i get a good guide is it hard or esey to bulild a mission??
  14. hi I have one problem with gta united I have fraught down the and gotten the that function but sometimes so am hanging themselves game and self must disconnect I have patch the game with patcher to version 1.1 or 1.0 how i fix that when i load the game the game hang! and how i fix it?? ps: i have use a translater in this text! =)but am arriving the another version of gta united soon ors am going the that was fixing herself how?
  15. were i change the ram in the game in the stream file in rockstar games/ gta sa/ stream there? help me
  16. hi how i do so the cars dont disepear when i have parked one car on a parking! and drive 4 km away then i come back the car is gone!!! how i do to delete that??
  17. car pack? or good effect pak? were i found good mods??? link ?
  18. Delete dx_(whatever).dll file from your SA root. what dll!?? what it named?
  19. hi all i have download gta sa united and exact the file to a folder and copy the files and write over the orginal in C:Rockstar Games/gta sa.... soon when i start the game and press new game this pop up! and the game hang! what is the problems... i have patch the game to 1.0 or 1.0 wy the mod dont work and how i fix it!? please help me!
  20. but is is over 300 pages have you a tips link !?
  21. some can help me with the camera?? angel!
  22. Please can you get me the link! to the guides! direct link!
  23. hello I have a question how changes I so that when I twist the camera so does not disappear ai the cars behind me how does I in order to clear so that everyone cars are left when I turn the angle!? and how puts I to extra parking car to the map? what program i use?
  24. all cars!! in the game !!! its ben like new york city traffic jams and more !! can you fix that?? add mutch taxi cars and mutch other cars !!!!! full new york!!! jams and more can you fix that?? have you fix it?
  25. all cars!! in the game !!! its ben like new york city traffic jams and more !! can you fix that?? add mutch taxi cars and mutch other cars !!!!! full new york!!! jams and more can you fix that??
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