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  1. Avery wears the colors blue brown black,a goldish type of belt buckle and a white shirt

    Sonny-his clothes are of weirdish color imo,dark blue,a brownish type of dress shirt but with some different colors added on there and his pants are the same color his shoes are either black or dark brown

  2. it isn't the worst u know but you don't need to be an asshole,he put this out there for anyone to view and you shoot it down calling it the worst thing you have seen,i for one don't care for it but thats me i am not going to go off calling it a "piece of shit" he obviously tried and did his best and for that i respect it but i still do not care for the film

  3. from 0:17 to 0:24 i believe when Claude enters Salvatore's mansion with a pump action shotgun and there is a room of what looks like Mafioso since i would like to do the mission i take it that it is after salvatore is shot but who gives you then mission

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