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  1. Happy Bday!

  2. i get the block a lot as well its why i haven't written a screen play since my last one a few months ago
  3. well if you get it again let me know,also post a link to it i want to read it
  4. yeah i do hate when older people tend to put us down like we are all the same,or like the shop lifting stereotype,I haven't shop lifted in my life yet every teen is watched in a store
  5. Avery wears the colors blue brown black,a goldish type of belt buckle and a white shirt Sonny-his clothes are of weirdish color imo,dark blue,a brownish type of dress shirt but with some different colors added on there and his pants are the same color his shoes are either black or dark brown
  6. speakin of bush........ http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p...icaljokemm4.png enjoy
  7. wow everyone would commit suicide or turn into a army of look a likes of Barby and Ken dolls!rivers turn into blonde hair dye and people executed for not being at least a 9/10 on i am sure what she calls the "hottie" scale knowing her as a dumb slut blond bimbo
  8. i would love to see a new vice city imo it would be beautiful but the new and improved SA would also be fantastic
  9. i nothing this game i don't care either way anymore
  10. how do you not see my point lol they talked to bigfoot and the triads used hunter air planes
  11. make it 4 times i beat it,i do this with all of my games
  12. ......some parts were a little unreal i didn't expect it to be that real but still i hope you see my point....
  13. try putting the girls of GTA around it (the ones on the cover since they are usually hot) and another version with the protagonists
  14. i could see Ken going back to Vice City so it could make sense in some way,i didn't like some parts of it but it is still a good story and fun to read...Keep up the good work
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