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  1. Grand Theft Auto IV is the first game that I'm totally infatuated with. Thanks go to Rockstar Games and Rockstar North for their epic game. GTA IV is its owners pride and also it players'. Anyway, the great company released the game for only PS3 and the XBox one, (that I don't have), but unfortunately, millions are waiting for the release of GTA IV pc version, (which I aspire), I wonder why Rockstargames and Rockstar North has not released the pc version yet!! Although, the pc version is more realistic, nicer and great looking at the other versions. In this topic, I want to know whether or not there's a release date for the game's pc version!!! We can talk about the game's release date if any of the members has an idea about that. Thank you very much pals for having a look at my topic. Your Sincere, GTA Forever
  2. Hi dears, I would like to ask you for help, I've bought a new HP laptop with Windows Vista Hime Premium and 128 MB dedicated and it's very powerful. The problem is that GTA SA gets stuck so much, not during the gameplay but when I press the ESC button to see for example the map or the status or anything else. I've ascribed this problem to some problems with Windows Vista in general. Sometimes, I decide to change my windows to XP. Anyway, could you please help me get rid of this problem?? Ta All what I need is a clarification and thankya
  3. Good morning buddies, I would like to discuss with you a problem appears when I start playing this game (GTA San Andreas). Actually, this problem doesn't only happen with such game but also occurs when I run all releases of Grand Theft Auto that came after GTAIII. When I run SA, nothing happens till I start playing the game. My computer gets stuck and within a few seconds, a blue system screen appears advising me to uninstall any newly installed programmes to my computer. Then, my computer, which has perfect graphics card and all requirements, reboots automatically. This problem happens with Vice City and Myriad Islands. What makes me totally baffled is that I can play other large games such as DRIV3R (Driver 3) and all games of Need For Speed and other games. I'm infatuated with this game SA because I like to play a game having villages, roads, high buildings and more nice things. Anyway, if anyone knows what is wrong with this series GTAVC, GTAMI, GTALCS and GTASA, please inform me because I'm reaaly in need of your help. If some parts in my topic are ambiguous, you can ask for clarification. Thank you very much pals!!!! With the Compliments of GTA Forever
  4. GTA Forever

    How To Make Cars/weapons for gta 3

    Hi pal, I don't think it is possible to create weapons for GTA3. By the way, you can download cars for the game if you need and there are dozens of cars you may download.
  5. GTA Forever

    How can I open all areas?

    Easy, get a vehicle and pass the roadblocks without any efforts!!!! Try See ya
  6. GTA Forever

    Raise Wanted Level to Six Stars!

    By missions???? How?? I mean, what kind of missions I've to pass in order to unlock the other areas. For your info, I've been able to go to Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale by tricks. All what I need pal is to give me a hint about the kind of missions that must be passed. Thank you for your collaboration.
  7. Hi pals, I'd like to ask you for help about something in GTA III, which is raising the wanted level to Six Stars instead of four stars. I've been attempting to do so but all was in vain. Actually, I've destroyed hundreds of cars and zapped thousands of pedestrians and policemen only in order to raise the wanted level to Six Stars instead of less than that. Summary, Could you please help me find a way that can raise the wanted level in GTA III raises to Six Stars or at least five stars??? I'm waiting for your replies buddies!! Ta
  8. GTA Forever

    How can I open all areas?

    Well, after I posted the topic, I went to sleep and FORTUNATELY, I dreamt and found a way on how to transfer from an area to another. I applied what I dreamt and it worked. Anyway, thanks pal for your replies.
  9. GTA Forever

    How can I open all areas?

    Hi, I'm a newby in this great forum and I'd love to say that I need your help do somethings in GTA III. Actually, I'm infatuated with this epic game, but unluckily, I'm in the area where Red Light District is and I want to go to Staunton Island keeping in mind that the way to this island is closed until I do something. I know it's hard to go to this island without completing a mission. I'm a little bit lazy and I want everything be ready for me. Summary: Could you please guide me how to find a way to go to Staunton Island and other closed areas??? Please, I need your help. I'll be so grateful to you if you help me.