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  1. can u swim in it and can u do up cars in it
  2. hi, Upload your favorite total conversion mods. I also need one that you can view ur self in a plane and u can passenger etc.
  3. Hello, My name is Orges Gashi, I though about this topic when my computer only had 200mb left and it still does this topic is yer you upload layout of txd files. This cj top i mod from a layout
  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sa-mp probaly its jst sa-mp
  5. samp: if u cnt see the servers that files might be corrupt
  6. i hate when that happens on ps2 version
  7. Here Are My gta 3 Mods You Must Put these pics in the skins folder(u must convert to bmp (photobucket convert them to jpeg thats why they not bmp)
  8. Im making that mod so pm me on 11th of april
  9. hey y'all im making cj skin but i dunno how 2 upload
  10. the Diablo Stallion i always drive the Diablo Stallion i always put it on mp3 station and drive it cool
  11. I've got 100 viruses on my old computer it still works but i hate viruses i got none on my new computer which is 5 years old a lot of people get viruses easy but i find it hard because i know all the scams etc The New Viruses are bad so try not to get them
  12. The New FireFox is the best it corrects your mistakes it awsome
  13. I really hate racism But Where i got to school there is a lot of racism over black people and Europeans Asians etc i get really made i almost got suspended for bashing a kid for beening racist to me because Im Albanian i adim i dont like Serbs, Some Turks because we had war with them
  14. Im Straight i dont know why but i really dont like gays some are alright but i dislike them i dont get along with gay man.
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