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  1. Davieboy

    there is a pay'n spray

    this is real because even on the leaked map pics floating around u can clearly see in the key that there is pay n sprays p.s i have pics of the map if u want them pm me
  2. Davieboy

    New GTAIV Screenshot at EvilAvatar

    nah this pic aint fake it looks good i like it it looks just like the other pics they released and about the graffiti its not split i just think theres a lip on the wall which makes it look like its split
  3. Davieboy

    New Screenshot

    y are you lot so quick to say its fake all im doing is posting a screenshot that i found somewhere and u lot are acting like i made it if its fake then fair enough but u dont have any proof that its fake so dont shoot the messenger
  4. Davieboy

    New Screenshot

    lol i only put courtesy because thats where i found it
  5. Davieboy

    New Screenshot

    new screen courtesy of evil avatar Link: http://www.evilavatar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46701
  6. Davieboy

    New Screenshot!

    this san andreas pic that leaked the hud in the corner
  7. Davieboy

    New Screenshot!

    Ye, I noticed it aswell, but the wanted level is kinda small for the game they could have made it more seeable. great find but i think its like the san andreas pic
  8. Davieboy

    (TGTAP Clan) Xbox360 + PS3.

    well tbh m8 the warriors is a bit unoriginal aint it u could at least make up your own name and no 1 has even played the game yet so theres no point in trying to start a clan now wait till its out
  9. the second picture is the best i love seeing that new york style skyline
  10. Davieboy

    EA Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for T2

    tbh i dont want no1 to take over T2 but if someone had to take them over i think it should be microsoft because from what ive been seeing lately its seems as if microsoft care about what the gamers want and are not just money grabbers like EA
  11. Davieboy

    EA Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for T2

    what u need 2 do is just keep it and do not sell 2 EA no matter what they give u for it
  12. i was looking at some of the pics from gta 4 and i noticed in one of them that niko was being chased by the police in hummers not sure if this has been said already but i thought id mention it anyway lol heres the link http://www.thegtaplace.com/images/gta4/screenshots/080.jpg
  13. Davieboy

    quick question

    has this been confirmed because i dont remember hearing anything about this
  14. wel tbh the first thing im gonna do when i get it is put it in my xbox 360 lol
  15. Davieboy

    I didn't like saints row at all...

    i own every gta game accept 4 london and i own saints row and ive got to say sr doesnt suck because lets face it gta is pretty much the same thing over and over again accept in a new city with mabie a few extra features but saints row has taken the same sort of thing and put a fresh new twist on it with the whole customising thing and the activities and especially the online play dont get me wrong gta is stil the best game out there and gta IV will probly blow sr2 out the water but like the other guy said its got major potential and i can honestly say that im not only am i looking 4ward 2 gta IV but im also looking 4ward to Saints row 2 mostly 4 the new customising options like making your own gang customising your crib and customising your voice etc