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  1. PC can't total conversions

  2. VercettiGhost

    Unhandled Exception with New Vice CIty 2007 mod

    Well it's obviously something about that mod that does it, I was only wondering if anyone else has had this exact problem. What strikes me as strange is that it always happens, without fail, rghit as the bullets strike the last thug on the front of the building. And no matter which thug you leave till last, the same thing happens. Is there a way to delete this mission?
  3. I have tried just doing the graphic changes in GPI (that is, installing everything about it except the main.scm) into the game, but then I lose the clothes, sabre, and weapon pickups there. But if I use the GPI version of MAIN.scm, I lose all of New Vice City's extra features. Is there a way I can isolate the certain parts of code to merge the GPI weapon and clothes pickups with the New Vice City scm?
  4. VercettiGhost

    Vice City Supreme

    Please reassure me this topin isn't dead! This mod looks hella awesome, THE single best TC I have ever seen! Please feed my anticipation, mang!
  5. I just got New Vice City 2007 and I installed it...everything runs perfect until I get to Phnom Pen 69, whereeupon on the last part of the heli segment, right before you get set down, the game crashes and I get "Unhandled Exception". It alwys happens in the same geberal area of the mission, give or take a few seconds. It's on the part where you shoot thugs in front of the center building (AKA the Mendez brother's old place). What causes this?
  6. VercettiGhost

    Beta Skin Request...

    In the VC PS2 manual there are several screenshots of Tommy wearing his "street" outfit, except that it has slightly lighter coloured pants and different hues on the shirt (it's somewhat darker and is a more pure shade of blue)...most people probably know what I'm talking about...for those who only play PC, the shirt can be seen on the top righthand screenshot on the back of the box. I'm no good at making skins, can someone please make this for me? Puh-lease? :'( (sorry, coudn't resist that haha). EDIT: Found a pic of what I'm looking for! It's at http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity/screen06.html
  7. VercettiGhost

    In Need of some SERIOUS help!

    I'm running VC on a windows Vista. I kept running into "IN NEED OF ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION" messages because it didn't want me to mod things in the program files...so I moved my entire "Rockstar Games" folder into a desktop file. Now I can download simple mods, like Blood Obsession and improved water textures, but my IMG Tool 2.0 keeps telling me "File Access Denied" whenever I try to mod my GTA3.img folder...and also I can't use map mods either because my VC Limit adjuster keeps saying "File Access Denied" as well...where have I gone wrong?
  8. VercettiGhost

    Yet another modding question...

    Well, my BF has GTA3 for PC, but I've played it, and it just seems like the control scheme is REALLY out of line when compared to the PS2 version. I already have the equipment to burn a PS2 game, too, and I would hate to have bought it for nothing. Your replies, while true, are'nt really what I was looking for. If you're just gonna say "Buy the PC version" then, please, I don't want to talk to you. Now, if you have an actual ANSWER to the question I asked, then, Yes, I definitly would appreciate an answer...
  9. VercettiGhost

    Anybody know any good PS2 save sites?

    In particular, I'm looking for saves for Spider-Man 3 on PS2, for a MAX drive (American edition). Already checked GameFAQs.com, but the only save that I found on there doesn't work for my copy. (My copy is a Collector's Edition, don't know if that makes a difference)
  10. VercettiGhost

    Yet another modding question...

    OK, I just downloaded 5 mods for GTA3. My game is for PS2. I read the readme's for all the mods, too. Assuming that all of the mods on this site are for PC, do they work when you burn a new PS2 game? Because my disc has all of the files mentioned in the readme's. *NOTE: THESE ARE MY DOWNLOADED MODS: --Stairs to Donald Love's rooftop. --Bridge to Ghost-Town (with a patch to make the Ghost-Town solid) --'Chevy Caprice' replaces Perrenial --Several different skins.
  11. VercettiGhost

    Anbody know how to mod a PS2 game?

    Nice, GTA Don. But I'm looking to modify a PS2 version, and the topic that you redirected me to redirects again to ANOTHER topic! And, that topic is about modding PC versions...
  12. VercettiGhost

    Anbody know how to mod a PS2 game?

    OK, so I just downloaded a bunch of mods off of this site, and now I'm wondering how to implement them... (Noteworthy: All of my games are for PS2)