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  1. Right, so it'll be coming out on PS3 as an ordinary game, requiring no downloading or anything like that? I'm not online with my PS3 so I can only buy ordinary games that have no on-line requirements to run. If that is the case, then I'm bloody happy with that!!
  2. You don't actually have to kill all 200 pigeons to unlock the helicopter. Once you complete the game, or perhaps even before, you'll find it parked on top of a police station on the second island. I was surprised to find it there, to be honest with you. I'm not sure why you'd want it anyway, it's a heap of junk!
  3. GTA IV was the reason I bought my PS3. If it weren't for the game I wouldn't have got the console. Get the console, get the game!
  4. I wish my local game store were doing that. I don't want to be hanging around for three hours or something. However, if it has to be done, it has to be done!
  5. Some stores around the globe are taking part in a midnight launch due to the overwhelming demand for the game. My local game store called "GAME" is one of the stores taking part in this. I have a preorder receipt so I will be there. However, I have never been to a midnight launch for anything and I'm kinda unsure as to what time to arrive. I don't actually want to get there at 21:00 only to wait for three hours alone. I know you guys can't predict when the queue will start growing, but I was wondering whether some of you would give me an idea as to what time you are going to get to the shops. Any opinions or ideas would be appreciated.
  6. So this bundle will go on sale a week before the official GTA IV release date? And it'll actually come with the game? I haven't got myself a PS3 or 360 yet but will do this week or next.
  7. Oh man I really hope you are right. Besides, if EA did take over T2 they're sure gonna get A LOT of shit. I'm so worried right now. I just want them to release it now, before anything has a chance to happen.
  8. Sounds cool. I don't think you can customise Niko in the single player game to the extent you could with CJ in SA, but I also heard that you can indeed customise your player in the multiplayer game.
  9. Oh, thanks for that Alkaline - kinda forgot it! I do hope it's bullshit. We have all waited far too long for this game for it to be delayed now. But since T2 have said no, does that officially mean that EA have to fuck off or can they still have a go at this take over? To see the article I was talking about just go to google.co.uk, click on "news" at the top left of the page and then type "GTA IV" into the news search engine and the article along with others will come up.
  10. It's no longer April Fools and yet I am still reading scary shit on the google news web page. A news article talks about how those shits at EA are trying to take over Take Two. This you may already know, but what concerns me is how people are saying that, if indeed EA did manage the take over, they would delay the game's release for their own economic purposes. Surely they can't do this?! Is this news article just shit or do they have a point?
  11. I think I have seen this image before, except the one I saw was a little darker. That thing in the middle is the barrell of the gun whereas the flame around it is from the explosion of the gun powder. I think the image is showing Niko shooting you.
  12. I'm going to get into a heavy vehicle and use it to crash into some peds - I really want to see what the new rag-doll effects and physics engine is like. I want to see people flying through the air and skidding along the floor to come to a halt in a crumpled, broken heap. I never really liked this shit where peds were "sucked" under a heavy vehicle or where they simply fell over a car as though they were made of cardboard.
  13. Well I don't know, but I have heard of people trying to play foreign games only to find they wont. I remember reading another report where someone had made a similar suggestion as you - it was in a different context, mind you - and someone replied saying that they weren't pirates and not willing to have their consoles converted. Besides, I just don't see it as easy as popping across the channel - I'm sure there must be some safe guards against people who had this idea.
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