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  1. i tryed the beta vesion of the mod its pretty awsome i think the best part is you get so much money from thows to missions
  2. ok now i just used the vcmm to install a mod i know what the problem is but i dont know how to fix it this is the problem i had same problem with gta sa but i fixed it. the problem with gta vc it that when i finish installing the mod perfectly i play the game but when its loading at the start to play the game when the line gets to very end it stops just be for the end i have tryed waiting,retrying and lots more ways i know what the prob is coz da same thing happend with gta sa. the problem it i have the rong version of gta vc and i never new there was other versions and i tryed lots of things to fix this problem i managed to fix the problem with gta sa by serching the forums for a downgrander and i found one then used the downgrander then i played the game and it worked.but the problem with vice city is i cant find a patch to get right version or downgrader or whatever if you can post a comment for a downgrader or patch thing or whatever for gta vc plz if you can help me i might have a reward for you if you like runescape read note for prize Description.if you find a patch or whatever plz send it to me as quick as you can note:i might be giving aa prize for the person you can help me with modding(the patch or downgrader or whatever must work if your trying to get the prize.the prize Description is a runescape account combat lvl is 92 and have over lvl 20 on each stat some a over 50 and as soon as i get a person to give the prize to i will give it a full month of membership for you to have fun the accounts armor is torags set and weapon is ddp++ with torags hammers allso has 50 quest points 300k and lots of other good stuff remember the patch or whatever has to work if you want the prize so dont complane if you send some help and dont get the prize but i will thank you for you trying to help me well ok then thats all then cyaa later guys
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