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  1. Love the app! Great that it's doing so well. @Chris, If one pays to remove the ads how much of our 99c goes to you/development?
  2. I booked in my JB Hi-Fi midnight launch attendence LOOOOOONG AGO. Is it sad that I've taken the day off work on tuesday to play it? General answer here would be no.
  3. The store I'm getting mine from is doing a midnight launch, so I'll be playing mine by 1am at the latest. Also being in Australia has it's advantages. Midnight on the 17th here is several hours before most other countries. I'll try not to post spoilers. ;P
  4. Glad I ordered the Collector's then. There are certain things I will shell out the extra cash for without hesitation. GTA is one of them.
  5. I still have a PSone, PS2 and two PS3's (one of them unfortunately featuring a bright yellow light. Oh for the days of lead-based solder.) I've found that certain PS games done't play correctly on anything but s PS or PSone.
  6. I believe they said no backwards compatibility (don't quote me on that) but I'm sure the PSN will still be supplying PS2 classics. Here's a thought: Does anyone know whether or not the console will even be disc based? I may have missed some details, but they seemed to be really focusing on the downloading aspect of it.
  7. Mmm, Watch Dogs looked pretty cool, but the whole event was nearly two hours of my life i'm not gonna get back. So GTA V was delayed just prior to the teaser for the PS4 event. Do we foresee a next-gen console GTA V release, just delayed as per the PC release?
  8. I'm quite disgusted at the reaction from these so called 'fans' to this news. I've read several comments on R*s newswire and facebook post. For fans to get so annoyed at a company for requiring a little more time to get the game to 100% perfection so that they, the fans can have the best possible experience is downright disgraceful. Ungrateful little shits. If R* needs a little more time to get the game right then they can damn well have it. I love this game series and would hate to be disappointed by an unrefined, rushed release. The wait will be worth it, and life goes on. Anyone ever hear this sort of fan outrage when a movie or artist's album get's delayed? (Chinese Democracy aside)
  9. Why have some people taken the "No plans for PC release at this time" to mean it won't happen? Are you thick? It will. They will do it. Of course they will do it. Look at their history and understand the way things work. Chill out for 6-8 months from console release and you'll see a PC release. Just relax.
  10. So that all but confirms the existence of ATV's in V and also that of female cops. That one is sure to cause a stir among the anti-gamers. (Killing prostitutes circa GTA3, anyone?)
  11. @BlackListedB Are you just trying to be an arrogant keyboard warrior? What's your beef? Why are you here if you're just going to complain? And everyone, everywhere CAN get magazines like Game Informer or GamePro. It's called a mail out subscription or the internet.
  12. Awesome. When I got my PS3 and found it wasn't backward compatible I was peeved. I just hope they have an option for a discount if you already own the games on PS2, but I doubt it.
  13. Los Santos only? Well that's disappointing... Still. Yay!
  14. I'm not afraid to admit here that I squealed like a little schoolgirl when I saw the trailer posted on FB. I had no idea it was even announced. *EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD*
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