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  1. Whats youre progress now =) ?
  2. Look at this ! And i really dont want that mudguard on the back -.-'
  3. What are blueprints ? What do you say about these pics ? Wire Style Front and more.. This scooter would be nice when its black/white, like on first pics I owe you a very big favor, if you can make it =)
  4. Anyone know any good yamaha aerox models ?? I would be so pleased if someone would make/find a one =) Heres a pics of a scooter: Yamaha Aerox
  5. UP! Please someone. I will accept every aerox model =)
  6. What is top speed at handling.cfg ? For ex. ( (B ) fMass ) is mass, but what is top speed ?
  7. Now i can change the colors again, thanks =)
  8. How i can change my modded piaggios color ? I tried from "carcol", but it's not working. I just wanted Black/White scoot. Is it possible ?
  9. Hi, Is there any helpful modder, who would make me a model of yamaha aerox. Heres a few pictures: Front Side I would be SOOOO pleased, if someone would make me this scooter 8)
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