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  1. I can't be who you are.

  2. Really exciting changes so far. The PC version's gonna be great.
  3. The delay was much expected anyway. They did the same with Max Payne 3. As for the recommended specs, very sure that my PC will run it.
  4. 4 Warning Points

    I think it's glitch because I had zero.
  5. Well, I don't have any active warnings but expired ones, worth 2 points. I should be a zero now. But, my postbit says 4 Points. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I just updated my Mods today and it still shows the old date when they were updated. Also, the downloads database shows my old Display Name. Is there a way of fixing these?
  7. The Great TGTAP Downtime 2013

    What host are you using? And not really, but I have seen 600K Post Forums running on VPS. And, Hostgator offers good dedicated hosting. I and friend have been using them for years. If you've good budget, then you can do a switch, when you want.
  8. The Great TGTAP Downtime 2013

    I suggest you switch to a VPS and install Cloudflare.
  9. whats ur fav island?

    Portland Island is my favorite island.
  10. GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Not exactly San Francisco, but we may expect something from SF, atleast familiarity.
  11. GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    It's Los Santos. Rockstar did confirm it last year. And no mention about SF at all. Although sources show Mount Chillad, Countryside & Desert.
  12. GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Purely a jeep. The layout seems like Mesa Grande or a similar model.
  13. News forums moved, de-cluttering in progress

    Well, you need to improve this theme. It should look better with a GTAV layout.
  14. using GTA to create movies

    Yikes. This is beginning to sound difficult. Any chance I could pay someone to do it? btw, here's my model if anyone is curious... http://www.prtproject.com/PRT.zip gary Most likely this has to be personal. Do you know to take Gameplay Video records?