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  1. Thanks, but yes I've tried googling it. And anyway, I asked the owner of the YT account from which I got the background and took out that man... he says it was superimposed. I could've swore I saw it somewhere else though, in a video.
  2. Sorry for bump, I still really need this! If anyone can help I'll be really grateful
  3. Thats just a big page of lots of different russian links and texs, but thanks anyway. I'll keep looking, maybe someone else knows and can help me?
  4. I wonder if anyone knows where I could possibly obtain the Video Camera mod? As far as I know, it replaces the Rocket Launcher or the heat seeker, because it sits on your shoulder, like this. If anyone knows where I can get this, please link me!
  5. Square one - Solo by MindWav3 (me) Not amazing, but not too bad Some well known stunts, other not so well known Song: Square one - Coldplay Youtube: ___________________________________________________________ ShockWav3 - Solo my MindWav3 (me) This is my best so far. As always, not very inventive with my stunting, but I think I'm getting better Song: Anberlin - Whisper and a Clamor Youtube: Enjoy :>
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to edit the sparks that come from under your vehicle when you grind a rail or hit a wall or something. Is it possible to change the color or something like that? If it is, can someone please tell me how and what I will need to do it? Thanks
  7. OK thanks, remember, this was his first stunt video.. you edit it slightly different from most other videos.
  8. Sorry for double post... I guess this means no one will make me one? If not, can someone please tell me where I can post/send/email/pm (etc...) this where someone will definitely help me? Thanks, MindWav3.
  9. Hey There! I'd like a custom made NRG texture please Not messy, nice and clean with the name MindWav3 on the side White Gray colors, normal wheels. IF someone will make me this, I'd be really grateful Thanks, InVion/MindWav3
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys
  11. Hey, this is Colos first stunt video, and I do a few stunts somewhere in the middle Neither really a solo or a collab. Stunters: Colo (AKA acrobis (YT)), Whisper (AKA MindWav3, AKA TheJokeMonster (YT)) Song: I guess you're right - The Posies Edited by: Colo Enjoy! (just a short video) NOTE: Where there is no name (all the first stunts) they are performed by Colo. Youtube link (I reccomend clicking 'watch this video in HQ')
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