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  1. I interpreted death wish as Franklin getting killed off too. I spent a couple minutes debating about which 2 characters I wanted to keep the most Ending up killing Michael as much as I didn't want to because I liked Trevor and Franklin's abilities the best haha. But I had saved beforehand anyway, so I just reloaded and chose C, then saved over my other game. Everyone wins!
  2. Hi all, been a while Hope your all enjoying the game as much as I am. My psn id is mpilk901, hope to see some of the old-timers from here in game!
  3. Well it's only the 1st trailer. But from what I've seen I'm very excited Jets, planes and LOOK HOW BIG THAT MOUNTAIN IS Hadn't thought of that one yet imagine bailing out of one of the jets?
  4. http://www.reddit.co...trailer/c2wfxtf Soooo excitinggg!!
  5. Mpilk901

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    after watching the trailer all my wishes are answered massive landscapes and jets!
  6. Everybody is going to have a different opinion, are IGN not allowed to have one at all?!
  7. Maybe don't have a very good pc for gaming? Might be a console gamer. Don't see why you wouldn't be able to see anything, 1024 x 768 might be small but it does the job
  8. I thought I'd share with all of you a great indie game called Running with Rifles which I came across. The game is currently in pre-alpha stages so it is nowhere near finished, but it is still quite a bit of fun. It's only 16mb and is free to download, you can download it from their website which is linked at the bottom. The objective of the game is to control all of the territory's. As you kill more people, your rank increases and soldiers are more likely to follow you into combat. If your bored then check it out! http://www.modulaatio.com/runningwithrifles/ I think it should run fairly easy on most pc's. There isn't a mac version as of now though.
  9. I use to play Zombies a lot on World at War. My highest was round 28 on Shi No Numa. I love zombies and its the only real reason I like the COD series now. I was tempted to get Black Ops just for the zombies but like Tuner I didn't see the point in forking out the cash when I don't care about the same multi-player as the last 3 games or a 6 hour long single-player campaign. They should definitely make a zombie only game. I guarantee it would sell loads!
  10. I'm with WRX, I'd like a Vice City themed GTA with the RAGE engine. Imagine how NICE it would look!
  11. My advice mate, especially with your condition is to just order them online. You can usually get them cheaper plus it would save you all the hassle mentioned in your post. I wouldn't bother trying to pursue it, if I was you I would just drop it and do everything online. The service is a lot better as there is not much involved in the 1st place!
  12. lolololol sup evo long time Hey macorules, good to see some people haven't forgotten about the site!
  13. To my knowledge R* has their own conference so they were never going to make an appearance. As for E3 though, Battlefield 3 won me over completely. That game looks really nice! Can't wait. I'm also anticipating Skyrim. I decided to get a PC upgrade for all the impending great games which are coming out soon
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