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  1. Yes but i still doubt will GTA 4 be Vista Compatible My Specs Intel QX6850 3 Ghz 2GB RAM Windows Vista Home Premium ATI Radeon HD3870X2 160GB HDD The big question for me is will it work On Vista properly as when i play GTASA it is very unstable and crashes quite frequently
  2. No Pay n Spray is bad a idea Still cars in GTA never stop and i've heard there's a Parking lot near Niko's place
  3. Is Tommy Vercetti related to GTASA in any way, i dont think so Probably i like woozie and ceaser
  4. I play only the following games and (duh!) and quite bored of them 1:Counter Strike 1.6 2:GTA:SA 3:GTA:VC 4:battlefield 1942
  5. I'm too a new member of GTAplace Forums What do i do now?
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