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  1. I haven't joined yet, but from the prompt that appears there only seems to be one person who I assume is Dmac... Wish we could spread this around somehow, especially those of us who may still talk to some of those old timers.
  2. Really wish this would pick up so we could get some of the old timers back together. Not enough of us visit here to be able to see it
  3. I did not expect to see these names in this random ass time I decided to log back in. Hi! I can't believe I still have my old sig, God dang.
  4. Let me check.. can confirm, am alive. Also, I'm not Dmac but now that I'm here... I think of this place from time to time, I saw your account on Twitter again and decided to drop by to see what was what.
  5. Everything is indeed well! Hope it's the case with you too. Yeah, whether it be the official MTA server or the one I had for shits and giggles, it was honestly great fun.
  6. Stopping by to say it's quite nice to see some old names hanging around still, even if the last post was a month ago. I have been registered on GTAForums for longer than I have been here, but back then I ended up choosing to participate more often here as things seemed a bit less overwhelming, we were more of a close-knit community. I still remember being a part of the Mafia group here in the forums and having great moments here and there on MTA. But times have changed indeed, for a varied number of reasons. When the forum was on its heyday we were all much younger than we are now (oh god all my shitposts), I think that is one of the main reasons the forum has lost its touch. People started growing up, having other priorities, barely having any time to play GTA, and some of them probably moved to more attractive communities as they had a lot more to discuss and a lot more people to interact with as TGTAP started emptying out. Regardless, though, it's nice to see a lot of you are still alive, I have talked semi-recently with Llama and Scott, Alvas has left a comment on my profile a few weeks ago, and it's very nice to see you still around, Rem!
  7. It looks like it has finally happened, as sad as it may be. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2016/01/12/grand-theft-auto-lead-developer-leaves-rockstar Leslie Benzies was the lead developer of GTA, it's a really great loss for the gaming community, at least in my perspective. And situations like these make me think that who knows if a lot of the GTA Online controversy (microtransactions, lacklustre content, absence of a long-awaited SP DLC, etc.) is caused by Take Two and not by Rockstar themselves. Maybe everyone's hating on the wrong company - even if there's still the possibility he fell out with the Housers for whatever reason. Although he may have left for other reasons, this fits way too well in a long dated rumor that said a lot of the GTA veterans left after V's development, because they didn't agree with the direction it was being taken. Seriously sad day for me, thanks for all the hours spent on GTA. And for me, this might just be the death of GTA, because I don't think anyone will be able to do it as well as him. I can only hope so.
  8. Yesterday, once I knew about the news on GTAForums as soon as they were posted, I decided it was a good man's move to message Rockstar about it, given Yeardley had had the spotlight on him by Rockstar many, many times. I sent this to their Mouthoff: It's really not the most formal of things but I decided to raise some awareness. Rockstar seems to have noticed today, which is an amazing move by them. Rest in Peace, Yeardley.
  9. It's beyond me why you keep coming here just to complain about being banned in GTAForums and then unbanned or whatever, Slamman. Do you really feel the need to vent your "desperation" in other forums that are completely unrelated to GTAF just because you see them as tyrants? Jesus, just let go, and if you like it here, good, just don't come complaining over something that repeats for reasons that deep inside you know why they happen. It is a sign of weakness complaining about other things in other forums, it's exactly like your mum not letting you buy your favourite toy and then you run to your uncle crying telling them that your mum didn't let you buy it like that makes a difference.
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