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  1. AndrÉw

    What are you listening to right now?

    ACDC - Back In Black
  2. AndrÉw

    Does the death scare you?

    I am not scared of death but i am scared of dying because i have my famliy to take care of but i know if i do i will be in heaven with my granny
  3. AndrÉw

    Criminal Rating

    yes it is but i didn't cheat that many times
  4. AndrÉw

    Criminal Rating

    well i had cheated just to get money and weapons and when i got the second island opened i got four stars the got little willie and destroyed alot of helicopters it is the easy way to get your rating up
  5. AndrÉw

    Criminal Rating

    I am the Don but i am getting close to being the GodFather and i did alot of cheating to