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  1. Right i have looked at http://gamewiki.net/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV/St..._Thefts#Banshee and down the bottom of that page is a map i carnt remember what car steave phoned me up and told me to get so im going by that map it says number 1 is a turismo but there is no turismo there. is there any way i can find out what car stevie told me to get??? Edit Dont worry found it its on your phone
  2. Well online still dont work for me, lost connecton to 1 or more players
  3. i have had both of them. i just get loading ... THE HOLLAND PLAY. started today tryed it on my brothers ps3 so its not the ps3. i no 5 people on my psn list who still has the problem. and only i can do a party mode but i carnt do any of the other games with out it discenecting
  4. yeye i have that i dont no what to do
  5. Oh i think i better be nice to jacob now. i got the phone with the cam its good but any one no if you get a new phone after this one?
  6. Right in a trailer there were there is a truck and some one holding on the back of it. any one no how to do it ? what button you press
  7. Any one no what raido station plays songs like kanye west? i heard it once but carnt remember what one.
  8. i join a game then says i can not connect to players and then boots me back to single player
  9. I dont think it dus i have tryed it today and didnt work and one no what to do?
  10. Does any one no if you will be able to talk to your friends via headsets when playing online? for the ps3?
  11. i got one of ebay for 39.99 and its in stock get it on tusday
  12. Yeah i looked at amazon they dont have any in stock
  13. i have order Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) from ebay but the person carnt get it till 13th may. is there any were in the uk that i will get it on the 29th?
  14. well if people dont get it today you might get it tomorrow its sunday tomorrow and no post on sundays!
  15. I was in town today i went into game and they have there stock behind the counter and it was in that wraping thing that games come i dont no if they were selling them but they did have loads i was in cambridge btw
  16. They should only bad the people who downloaded it now the people who brought it not there folt if they got it early. if you get a game you would play it
  17. Yeah looks good we need them in england maybe down Big Ben
  18. I havnt seen any in shops but yeah dus look good i like the big box it comes in looks tasty
  19. Its only been on Youtube for a bit http://youtube.com/watch?v=DxEoZXz6wY4
  20. I dont no if it has been posted before so just in case it hasnt
  21. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Gty-X8dZK3A
  22. Its probly on the internet some where
  23. I got the email this morning with in 5 mins of posting it on here
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