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  1. It happened to me so much I just got fed up with it and brought it back to Best Buy and exchanged for a new one and the dam thing still does it so it's eitehr the game itself or my PS3. Hope a patch is comming Any help would be greatly appriciated EDIT: If you sign off of the PSN before you start gta it will load fine. Theres something wrong with the servers right now thats causing the freezing even loading the single player. Rumors are that they are ramping up the servers on Monday so hope it's true. Again sign off the PSN then start game without being signed in and you will be able to play single player. If you want to try signing in from your cellphone it works sometimes too.
  2. Hey I have GTA on a 60gig PS3 and I know theres been things going around the net about how to fix it but I have done everything but still doesnt work. Sometimes I start the game and once all the graphics loading pages come up its stuck on the letters that say "loading and the mission im on" so I have to restart my entire PS3 not to mention everytime I play online in GTA it always says "lost connection to one or more player" and so I can't do anything but stay in that little lobby place can't play. Wondering if anyone else knows anything about this or has had this problem Thanks alot
  3. Hey guys I'm just wondering without any spoilers how far do I have to get until I can buy suits for Niko like is it when I get to Algonquin?
  4. Yes I cn't get on the multiplayer on my PS3 either. Sony's looking into it so hopefully soon....
  5. thats why im glad i bought a ps3 instead of 360 because i havent had one promblem with this while alot of 360 ownrs have had that promblem plus the red ring of death or w/e lol. GTA is comming quick
  6. LOL I'm probably the only one on this thread that is going to do this the min i play the game I will be heading to the nearest place so I can change clothes and buy a suit. Hopefully they'll have a health cheat so I can get some quick cash lol.
  7. Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about an early launch or release of GTA IV because on thegtaplace.com and gta4.net both have their counters counting down untill 8pm April 28th a day before its schedualed release. If anyone knows if stores are having an early release or a midnight launch any info would be greatlly helpful. Thanks Alot
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