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  1. I like it, the J's look a lil funny, but its ok. You can add a couple things to it, if u want to, make a couple different ones. It's up to you, I got the sig I wanted, but you can add some things, I might like it even more.
  2. I like this one, but could you make the "JayJay" bigger and make it Old English font please. I love the background btw
  3. Perfect, Thanks. Now the sig, lol
  4. Oh, I love it, But could you make the eyes like a light blue, with dark blue in the middle?
  5. Hi, I would love it, if someone could change this wallpaper for me. I want it royal blue instead of green, and put a little red in there, so it looks like the blood is on his mouth. Thank You, Also, would love a new sig/avatar. With "JayJay" in it, blue colors (light/dark combo), old english font, and with weed leafs, if possible.
  6. How can people believe in something they have never seen? Tell me, have you seen love? Have you seen fear? Prove that they exist. Like I've said before, you're thinking too literal about the concept of God. God doesn't have to be a physical entity of any sort. God can be a force, or a spirit of some sort. A physically imperceptible force. However, I still do not believe in God and I surely don't advocate religion by any means. The primary reason for my rejection of religion is simply because I regard many religious practices to be unnecessary. I'm an advocate of personal and communal strength. That is, strength in yourself and in humanity, together as one. You don't need faith in God. You don't need to worship or adhere to futile religious practices. You just need faith in yourself. Too many people are so caught up in having an answer to everything. So what? You feel you have an answer to life, yet look at what you place your dependence on. The foundations of your personal and moral integrity are not the product of your own will. Love, Fear, Faith are all feelings. You can't see them. You can't see air but you still breathe it. God might be a force or w/e. But in the bible, it says that Jesus was real, living man. Maybe so, But he wasn't no son of God and a virgin. There might have been a crazy man, who believed that he was the son of the almighty god, but he was just mental.
  7. My first, was a Nintendo 64. Then it was Gameboy, PS1, PS2, Xbox, PSP.
  8. hey dude, good to see you back in the forums!

  9. A 1964 Chevy Impala SS 2-Door, Candy Blue, 10 Inch Gold Dayton Spokes. A 1953 Ford F-100 Black With Orange Flames going down the side, Silver 15 Inch Dayton Spokes. I used to own a 1964 Impala SS 2-Door, but I sold it for 3,000$. And I own a 1953 Ford F-100. Its sitting in the garage, needs a transmission and some new tires. But that's my dream cars.
  10. I liked it, very creative. Can't wait to see more.
  11. Music Videos, it's 7:45 a.m. Nothing good on right now.
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