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  1. how are you ? still humiliating trolls nowadays ?

  2. As far as I know, Saints Row 3 isn't coming out this year, so 2011 is worthless to me. Oh wait, Pokemon Black & White and LittleBigPlanet 2. Of course, I already own the latter and have preordered the former, so it's only mostly worthless.
  3. I fucking loved My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so I'm looking forward to Watch the Throne. However, since the first single is kinda horrible, my hopes aren't exactly high. That, Lupe Fiasco's Lasers, Travis Barker's Give the Drummer Some (if only for the proposed guests), and Art of Dying's Vices and Virtues. As to why I'd be attracted to a friggin' post-grunge band, I heard a rumor that David Draiman might be a guest which stems from the fact that the band's signed to a label he co-founded and he wants them to be popular.
  4. Apparently, I told everyone who would offer me a scholarship that I wanted to be an English teacher. Seeing as I have a deep-seated hatred for most people between the ages of two and eighteen, there's no chance I would ever stand the job. Now that I'm working as a librarian for the student worker program, I believe I found my future career path.
  5. Red Dead Redemption, hands down. This is one of the few games where I actually cared about the story. That and dragging bitches across the border never gets old.
  6. Oh, wait. There it is. Saves me a Google search.
  7. I've been gone for a month and now there's talk of a merger? Hmm, maybe I should take another break.
  8. Because the jerks have arrogance, which is a pretty good substitute for what dating partners actually notice. That would be confidence, something passive-aggressive so-called "nice guys" lack because they spend all their time bitching about it. Trust me, I speak as a former "nice guy". It's fucking pathetic.
  9. So people aspire to be crude, chauvinistic, jingoistic, alcoholic, and gun-fanatical lunkheads who parrot lines other people have written? Did I ever mention how much I hate other people? Granted that it's all tongue-in-cheek, but I live in the South and have to suffer this breed of morons every day. Well, at least until I started attending college and pleasantly found out that those guys were too stupid to follow me.
  10. Ugh... it's disgusting the way this game still attracts attention. I personally hate it when anything gets by on name recognition and nostalgia alone. Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth waiting, what, thirteen years for? Especially on something whose creators spent at least a decade dicking around. (Chinese Democracy, much?) I'm sorry about being such a Negative Nancy, but I am completely baffled as to why anyone still gives a crap about Duke Nukem Forever after such a long period in development hell. I mean, were the original games really that good or is it simply the eponymous character everyone was waiting for? Because the Duke is an even bigger prick than I am. But who knows? Maybe the game will cure cancer or come prepackaged with a pair of tits and a good-looking bimbo attached to them. Maybe it's actually a halfway-decent game. But I still ask, "Was it worth it?" Think about the colossal amount of resources that were poured into DNF and wonder about the games that never got any funding because of this behemoth.
  11. Your reputation will go up or down depending on how helpful or lulzworthy your posts are.
  12. You know what's slightly more annoying than thread necromancy? Being a wannabe moderator. This case isn't nearly as pointless or glaring as the last time. This. I have a pretty healthy (healthy is in vivid, not mentally sane) mind and can imagine things Rules 34 and 36 haven't acted on yet.
  13. I think so, too. I am cursing a lot less than I used to. Now you're a Shoplifter; enjoy your promotion and go get me a melon roll from the 24/7 in Purgatory. Anyway, in case you missed this little ditty: I was being facetious in saying that, even if you were someone of importance at GTAF and the stature remark had merit there. It should go without saying, but I'm not representative of a typical TGTAP member. I just get away with being so easily-annoyed because of a regrettable subforum we did away with years ago. Either that or the mods are asleep, attending a university, getting laid in the West, or what have you. Granted, it's been a few years since I've had any experience with GTAF, but I picture the average staff member asleep in his own drool with his nose continually pressing the ban button. When he finally wakes up, he suddenly finds himself in a thread declaring the Earth round. "WHAT. The Earth is FLAT. Topic locked and OP IP-banned, bitch! Now to send my inflammatory email to the OP to rub his nose in it. Never mind that nothing's capitalized and that it's devoid of any punctuation to speak of, I must inform the OP that's he's a n00b, BY ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY." He admitted to making several off-topic posts, that was all I needed to ignore him. Then came the revelation he was a sock-puppet using cretin. More importantly, what do you care if such an inactive forum had a former GTAF member attempt to demonize the staff and utterly fail because everything in his post indicated he deserved it? Even on the off chance we were stupid enough to buy into his bullshit, we would've forgotten about by now considering it was a year ago.
  14. Ouch. That hurt. I think I'm gonna cry now. Have the topic locked. Then you won't have to get your panties in a bunch and start calling people names. After reading the last page+ of off-topic lulz, now I can see why the whiner crowd likes it so much here in their protected empty cove. Do you honestly think I give a darn if someone of your stature (I say this word with every ounce of snark contained within my tiny body) thinks having a lax attitude is a detriment to this site? Obviously, I do or I wouldn't be responding, but that's beside the point. I'm sorry we're not bustling enough for you, but consider that a good chunk of the longtime members are too concerned trying to get an education or feed themselves to post that much about Grand Theft Auto, especially with a lull of information pertaining to the franchise. Despite the inactivity compared to a year ago, I rather enjoy the tight-knit community we've built here, especially out of the "rejects" as you would call them. The rejects who, through careful moderation and a thoughtful community, matured into decent netizens; I certainly became more polite, though I admit I could use a few more anger-management courses. I prefer it to a thousand intellectually bankrupt vermin requesting a save after a not-too-particularly-difficult mission everyday. Oh, you didn't? Explain this... ...Any of those mods you made or are you simply posturing to make up for the unfriendly climate I and plenty other members perceive your forum generates from some of our experiences there? This is kinda like talking to a Varg Vikernes fan who believes his revolting racism and crimes are excused by his musical genius or to be more topical, someone who thinks Roman Polanski doesn't deserve jailtime after drugging and raping a thirteen-year old girl because he's made some groundbreaking films, had his parents slaughtered in the Holocaust and his wife murdered by the Manson family. "Talent" doesn't justify douchebaggery; that's why Guns N' Roses has been dead for the past fifteen years. I'm looking in the mirror right now and all I see is a damn handsome young man if you give him some cool shades and spiked hair. Funny you bring up "irony" though, because I doubt GTAF would tolerate, say, one of us going over there and bumping a year-old topic to quell any misconceptions none of them would give a flying fuck about. EDIT: Me? Polite? Commence laughter.
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