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  1. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Own Proper Cars

    there are mods to save anywere you might be able to save the positon of the car on a save like garage
  2. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    car spawner making

    LOL read the topic i want to learn how to MAKE one so please read then post
  3. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    car spawner making

    hmm it a little confusing and the thing for script help button in Code Editor>Edit Trainer Codes>Game Cheats>Vehicle>Spawn>(car) it shows a long scroll down bar BUT it wont scroll and i tried everything when you go to rhino in the comments it says 'needs Testing' i made my own trainer code but i need the code to put into the view code values thing
  4. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Missing Island...

    the san anreas fault is somewere else under water but i know its there
  5. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Most boring weapon

    brass nuckles are good what do you expect from a brass only item it to shoot rpgs i voted for the mini gun after a while its not fun any more
  6. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Missing Island...

    i noticed when your in front of the bar the waitress paces then when you jump it she walks in the 4 dots on the map in all the corners are just to keep it hanging up i just realised that is no sand in angel like some dude said could have been a lower sea level
  7. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Recruiting For Mod

    i can make the ladders and pole **models** but before i go and make a object i got to know which object its going to replace. (you might have to get a map editor to configure the position of the poles and ladders correct) but you can already do it with some of the built in poles e.g. telephone and traffic signal poles but when doing that in the script youll have to check if the pole is not destroyed somthing like that.
  8. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Missing Island...

    the ufo 1 lol sorry
  9. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Missing Island...

    its closer to the shore but since it wasnt sitting there for years it could and you know boated away Also: whats that square at the bottom left corner
  10. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    car spawner making

    No you would be better off knowing ASM which sucks. But here is an idea of what you need: Download - San Andreas Ultimate Editor from this site. It has everything you could do with the program. IF you desire to make your own trainer there are builders available but you MUST study this program first. You would want the "Code Editor" tab then the sub tab "View Code Values". the one on this site is broke i got it before but when my computer F*cked up i lost everything were can i get a working one when i google it i get eariler versions or they crash
  11. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Epsilon Discovery

    the wine could tie into also find the time the 'meeting place' turns blue ( i wanna say 4:00)and also with that new find(do a couple tests each) then find the time between and add that to the time for the one further in the night and freeze the clock then go and search SA for other building if both the same time freeze clock at that time and go looking
  12. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    Missing Island...

    the buiding could have been earthquake proof(lol) or they could have been rebuild also the ZIP near the garage could have been destroyed and is now being rebuilt
  13. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    ghost car

    on the 'ghost vortex' issue its just like you said it placed on a slope on the beach making it look like it moving it moves faster because it has no friction on the ground i know about the gost cars like the glendale and sadeler but i havnt heard of the one on the tope of this page
  14. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    car spawner making

    im not quite sure how to make trainers (specifically car spawners) would i need to know C++ or anything like that
  15. fuzzyrabbitproductions

    ghost car

    well beat me with a cane i havnt heard of this before so i posted