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  1. Aw man so you got school tomorrow too?!

  2. Butters!

    CoD WaW Punkbuster Problam

    I'm having problems with Punkbuster kicking me off all CoD WaW servers that use Punkbuster. I have updated Punkbuster a few time but it still happens. This is the error I recieve: RESTRICTION:Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe How come thats happening?
  3. Butters!

    airplanes in next gta ?

    Horray for airrcraft design flaws!
  4. I started laughing as soon as I read the topic title
  5. I'm using my spare keyboard ATM, and it sucks. You can't type fast, and they keys are sticky. The problam is my old keyboard. I had to switch the the spare because my old keyboard was starting to type muliple letters. eg: If I typed "S" it would come up as "S/" "Y" came up as "uy" "T" came up as "rt" "A" Closes down Windows live messenger windows "," comes up as ",." Whats wrong with it, because the spare keyboard sucks ass.
  6. 1 Day left untill school =(

  7. Butters!

    How to lock the Cam Hack?

    Are you sure it's B? I have V1.1 of the CamHack, and B doesn't do anything. In fact - Camera Physics isn't even listed in the commands on the download page
  8. Butters!

    How to lock the Cam Hack?

    I have the Cam Hack and the patch for Vista, and it works fine, accept I can't lock the view. So whenever I drive fast, the camera moves backwards. I've tried the default controll for it, and it makes something come up saying " MODIFIER: TRUE" but the camera still moves back.
  9. Butters!

    First Lady of Japan says she can eat the sun!

    Woah! It would be awsome if she was a politician over here
  10. Butters!

    teh Window phone

    Haha! That's great.
  11. Butters!

    15 year old kid beaten to death during lunchtime

    Jesus thats pretty intense. Theres no way a fight would get that big in my school and we have nearly twice as many kids.
  12. Butters!

    Swedish dad in bid for breast milk....

    Where have I seen this before...? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OkcucXIuVI
  13. Butters!

    Getting the Cop Uniform

    I want the cop uniform but I really can't be assed to date Barbra to 100% for it. I've tried editing shopping.dat to put it in Binco Clothes Store, but if I try to but it the game just freezes. It' probably due to the fact that it's a full set of clothes - not seperate. What files should I edit to make it so that the Cop Uniform is automaticly in your wardrobe at the start? (ie. Where do you find the part that lists which clothes you where at the start?)
  14. Butters!

    SAAT Problem

    OK Thanks (And no we haven't )