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  1. MUD MAN

    My GTA4 Opinions (Spoilers)

    I think the game is 89% crap ! the story has a good plot but too short & boring.The driving/graphics are cool thats the only big up in the game ! you do not want to see it this way but it is a gameplay downgrade it (in my opinion)is lesser to saintsrow and gtasa.
  2. MUD MAN


    Is this all the cheats we git or is there more? btw only 15 guns thats weak!
  3. MUD MAN

    Cell Phone Help

    Where do you buy the new cell phone's?
  4. MUD MAN

    H2 popo ?

    Is there any truth to that rumor theres a H2 police car ? I think I saw one some time ago but can not remember. ^^^^
  5. MUD MAN

    Red Ring of Death!

    Can't he get a new free 360 from where he got it ? Or is that just a best buy thing? rrod is a gamers worst nightmare.
  6. MUD MAN

    How long will days be?

    Who the hell is this guy to join 1 day ago and start to "close" topics? wtf? ya Im the only one that can do that you somebitch!
  7. MUD MAN

    Red Ring of Death!

    that blows ! but quit bitching I have wasted through 4 X360 1 on the relese day of saints row and another on the relese of halo 3! best buy got me a new one every time!
  8. MUD MAN

    Bullshit Started

    Lots off times it is the parents or parent them selves that turns there kid to the dark side.
  9. MUD MAN

    monster in iv?

  10. MUD MAN

    monster in iv?

    What do yall think the chances are of there being a monster truck in iv or somthing like it? about 20or40%
  11. MUD MAN


    Do i have to change your mind with blunt force?
  12. MUD MAN


    Bring it then !
  13. MUD MAN


    You are Niko would you rather sell your lambo or trick it out? I WIN ! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO
  14. MUD MAN


    Alright dude take it easy, this is a friendly discussion. My bad !
  15. MUD MAN


    I think you're looking at this too negatively, either that or you just don't like realism, which I thought you did because of the headlight thing. This is a very realistic approach. I agree that the mod shops not being there do suck, but like totalaccessGTA said, Niko is a low profile criminal, if he goes around with a car with a red paintjob with shit all over it and nitro and a spoiler, it's not to discreet. I see your aprroach BUT ! In real life you can do what ever you want to your car/truck/bike so it is a downgrade. You know i thought RockStar was smarter than that! BUT! Cops aren't that stupid to let you walk a free man when your car is a different colour And you need to let the paint set dry before you drive off dude your talking to a body shop owner that puts trucks 1 foot up in the air on big 44" tires! NO SHIT It should stil be in the game!