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  1. Rockstar, we have been friends for a while. But now your starting to turn into that friend that I count on to be late every time. 


    But I knew that this would happen anyway. Spring 2013 did seem too soon to release a game that has very little information and screenshots. Kind of odd though how they didn't show the Box Art as promised. 

  2. Alright, so obviously this bundle came out two years ago... and I'm just finding this out now. Anyway the game came out on PS3 and PC and the PS3 version has all three games on one CD. So GTA Wikia claims that the three radio stations are only exclusive to the Episodes from Liberty City stand alone. But I've seen some PS3 gameplay videos of The Ballad of Gay Tony and they include every single radio station from GTA IV with Ram Jam FM, Vice City FM, and Self Actualization. Even though Massive B, Tuff Gong, Classics, and a few more were replaced.. can someone make it clear to me please ?

    Is the game like this ?

    GTA IV - All Original Radio Stations + Updated Original Radio Stations (Does not include new radio stations)

    GTA TLAD & TBoGT - All Original Radio Stations + Ram Jam FM , Self Actualization, and Vice City FM.

  3. What do you guys think? As a side note the guns aren't AK-47's. They are Norinco Type 56's with a silencer.


    Also, the couple can be seen about three times in the trailer together. Also, they are in a big house with a dog, just like the main character stated.



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  4. I believe its in early stages, most of the cars in the trailer were in a GTA IV render. I only noticed three new vehicles in there.

    Edit: They've done the same to other GTA's in the series, mostly Vice City.

  5. Anything with a blurred screen is fake, I doubt that is the map and real info. But in some way if it is - that's jaw dropping amazing. I hope it doesn't turn out into a glitchy headache like L.A. Noire. Also, why is VineWood out side of Los Santos? There in the same place...

  6. Yes I'm pretty sure we have roughly a year (at least) to wait for the release. To expand on my idea of multiple playable characters, here's a couple screenshots of the guy who appears 2 or 3 times during the trailer.


    ^ For this one I noticed that at the last possible second before the trailer changes to another scene, the guy in the red car sticks his head back a bit behind the windshield so he can check out the girl's ass haha. Which was also the way I was able to screenshot his face.



    ^Here he is again shown later in the trailer when he is evading the cops and crashes into a blue car in the process.


    ^And to tie this character to the storyline, I slowly went through the robbery scene and noticed that it is possible that he is the driver of the van. Physical features look vaguely similar (although it is hard to tell because of the lack of light); bald head, dark complexion and it looks like he is wearing wifebeater.

    Anyways I think that it is very possible that this guy may be a playable character in the game in addition to the presently assumed middle aged main character. The trailer features him driving a few times in a similar focus to the way the 'main character' is shown driving. This could mean that there are multiple protagonists or MAYBE a first time co-op mode/storyline in the series. What do you guys think?


    You could be right, good find. Also notice the MC in the Tampa (maybe).

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