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    Alive Check

    Hey everyone, still alive. Came looking at the forums for some nostalgia, I'm pleasantly surprised to see you guys here.
  2. Rockstar, we have been friends for a while. But now your starting to turn into that friend that I count on to be late every time. But I knew that this would happen anyway. Spring 2013 did seem too soon to release a game that has very little information and screenshots. Kind of odd though how they didn't show the Box Art as promised.
  3. Awesome deal, I just got a 360 and I wanted to get some of the Games but was too afraid that I would over pay for 4 year old games.. But this is great.. your paying for 4 games in 1.
  4. Nice Screenshots, I can't wait to see some trailathons from North Los Santos, into the Countryside and Beaches... And I wonder where that Red Light is coming from, probably another Plane? Or maybe its just the U.S Bank Tower.
  5. Its been 9 Months since the last GTA trailer... Rockstar where's your child ??

  6. Its been 9 Months since the last GTA trailer... Rockstar where's your child ??

  7. Alright, so obviously this bundle came out two years ago... and I'm just finding this out now. Anyway the game came out on PS3 and PC and the PS3 version has all three games on one CD. So GTA Wikia claims that the three radio stations are only exclusive to the Episodes from Liberty City stand alone. But I've seen some PS3 gameplay videos of The Ballad of Gay Tony and they include every single radio station from GTA IV with Ram Jam FM, Vice City FM, and Self Actualization. Even though Massive B, Tuff Gong, Classics, and a few more were replaced.. can someone make it clear to me please ? Is the game like this ? GTA IV - All Original Radio Stations + Updated Original Radio Stations (Does not include new radio stations) GTA TLAD & TBoGT - All Original Radio Stations + Ram Jam FM , Self Actualization, and Vice City FM.
  8. What do you guys think? As a side note the guns aren't AK-47's. They are Norinco Type 56's with a silencer. Also, the couple can be seen about three times in the trailer together. Also, they are in a big house with a dog, just like the main character stated. '
  9. Patiently waiting for some GTA V Screens and News...

  10. Wonderful, AMAZING. The graphics are really good for mobile phone games. But too bad it's gonna take up a couple of Giga Bytes.
  11. I believe its in early stages, most of the cars in the trailer were in a GTA IV render. I only noticed three new vehicles in there. Edit: They've done the same to other GTA's in the series, mostly Vice City.
  12. On occasion I usually play my PS3 when I try to kill time. And at work I play games on my iStone to kill some time.
  13. Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Lock On Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower, Sniper Rifle, and Melee weapons. Name the characters that don't spawn in the Gameplay
  14. A: In the mission Home Invasion. Q: What is the total amount of money you can spend on Safe Houses.
  15. Incorrect A: You can only find them in Missions, and Gangwars. Q: What is Wu Zi Mu's first line in the game.
  16. Can anyone please explain why they think GTA V wouldn't be included with multiplayer? Your going on about split screening.
  17. Rockstar has included map areas before in Midnight Club Los Angeles. Also with GTAV looking like RDD I'm guessing that they will add a new storyline with SF, or LV and release it in a Variety pack.
  18. False On the mission "End of the line", what time does the mission start and end
  19. True List all five areas the Hydra can be spawned.
  20. Anything with a blurred screen is fake, I doubt that is the map and real info. But in some way if it is - that's jaw dropping amazing. I hope it doesn't turn out into a glitchy headache like L.A. Noire. Also, why is VineWood out side of Los Santos? There in the same place...
  21. I think the main reason why people dislike facebook is because they have no one to talk to. I don't find the point in twitter anymore, its just like texting, and the SMS language changes every month...
  22. Im Homy My Pet Wussy !

  23. Am i the only one who has been getting strange NSFW pics on there news feed?
  24. Midnight Club II , Midnight Club: Los Angeles , Mario Kart , Gran Turismo, and Need For Speed: Underground. But wait isn't Gamballa technically Porsche since they sell them the car parts?
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