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  1. Racist shit ever...

    You're just weird. How can you say that? If there was a white guy there, then would you have said this?

    I don't think that anyone who read this might have thought the way you thought of it. After all, everything depends on how you think...

    For the second time.. its a racial stereotype for black people liking chicken and Nwatermelon. Your post sir didn't make quite sense and I'd slap the shit out of you if i heard you say this.

    The reason why people think diffrently is because everyone on this site isnt black, and im not turning this thread into a flame war about some random GIF found on google.

  2. I think I'm the first person to discover this glitch but when I was playing the mission " Caught With Your Pants Down " for Yusuf Amir... I stolen the APC and drove it down the exchange and accidentally tipped the vehicle over on the driver side. When I got out the APC the camera was still in driver mode, while Luis was a regular street pedestrian. Strange huh? If this topic gets any replies I'll show you a video on what im talking about :)

    • First Name - Mike
    • Middle Name (Dont have one)
    • Last Name - Hunt
    • Mother's maiden name - Mureil King
    • Your NIN/SSN - 3234-78-7892
    • Credit card number and CC2 - 674382946371
    • Name of your first school - Mortville High School, Port Amor Jamaica
    • Name of your best childhood friend - Rudiard
    • Favourite teacher - Mr. Kelenski
    • Favourite colour - Burgundy
    • Pets names - Poochie
    • Date of Birth - 3/32/1978
    • The full address of your current house - P. Sherman 42 Walabyway, Sydney

    I hope you guys let me become one :)

  3. People who eat with their mouth open and generally those who make a lot of annoying noises with their mouth/ nose/ whatever.

    I agree. That annoys the hell out of me too. I hate it how people who are driving on the freeway would cut in front of you and go slow down when theirs no one in front of them. Or basically, anyone who swerves on the other side of the road to get off his exit.

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