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  1. Hello again guys! Ive noticed there wasnt any PS3 calns for the USA Eastern Timezone. If you are interested in joining we will have practice nights, on Saturdays. Interested? Then Put you PSN ID below.

  2. Your mama's so fat when she went to the rainbow skittles fall out

    Your mama's like a door knob everyone gets turned.

    Your mama's like a taxi 'always open'

    Your mama's so ugly when she woke up one day she had spider webs inbetween her legs.

    Your mama's so fat when Jizzy B pimp slaped her her balls fell out.

  3. She can be found near the docks.



    Lola is seen in promotional artwork sucking a lollipop. It is presumed she is a prostitute due to it being said she is available for "special hours." It is also thought that she can be used as dating material. Her whereabouts can be located in the LCPD criminal database.


    Lola isnt in the game. Isnt in hte LCPD computers , not used for dating ect. You should look at this: http://www.ambrosiasw.com/~andrew/funny/noob.jpg

  4. In GTA 3 Misty was the only girl on the cover.

    In GTA Vice City there was this girl who does not exist in the game(wearing a pink bra with a martini glass in her hand)

    and IN GTA SAN Andreas there was the lady with glasses with her tounge sticking out

    and then GTA IV with Lola with a lollypop

    Women that dont exist in any GTA games

    3503_gta_iv_art.jpg Lola

    grand-theft-auto-vice-city-stories-20060908055646580_qjpreviewth.jpg - Another Unknown Lady

    _39366502_gamesnews-rockstar203.jpg - Bikini Lady

    vcsboxsm.jpg ( Lady on the R* Logo)

    grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-20050419042015781.jpg - Lady with tounge out

    sorry i cant make them smaller.

  5. Wikipedia

    Lola is a prostitute who appears on promotional artwork for the game.[17] In October 2007, her character art was painted on the side of a building in SoHo, New York, advertising the game

    Yeah we know that, we want to know if she's in the game.

    No, If you guys cant find her in the game. She doesnt exist in the game. Like that lady on San Andreas with the glasses with her toung sticking out of her mouth. No. Not in the game. Its just artwork.

  6. There are Vigalante missions. You have to hack into a police cars computer to use the missions. But you wont go through levels. And for taxi missions you have to go to a sertain point on the storyline missions with Roman to achieve taxi missions. You would only use Romans cabs, to do it you have to use your phone go to contacts select roman and go to taxi mission.

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