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  1. Honestly is MEXICO!!, the Narcotics Bussines here is in the most powerfull state that has ever been, every day that i watch the news(mexico news), its the same: "5 PEOLPLE WERE EXECUTED TODAY IN CD.JUAREZ, in SINALOA 20 PEOPLE WERE SHOT BY AN ARMED COMAND ON The STREETS"..

    Every day someone is killed beacuse of The orginized crime, then on the streets, in tijuana there were to shootouts in the same week in the streets , beetween drugdealers and cops, infront of a kinder garden and it lasted like 6 hours , just shooting and shooting, and its becoming more often that scenarios, so for me crime wise , MEXICO is becoming Very Dangerous.

  2. Hi, everybody!!, well here is the thing:

    Yesterday i was playing(Gta4) normal like always, but sudden the lights went out and come back quicklym and my xbox

    flashed 4 red lights(i know that is for not detecting audio and video) so i turned off and turned on again, and i continued playing

    normal. i dint care because its normal that lights go out from time to time.

    So today i played again, and it happen the same, but this time it was just my xbox and my tv that went off, nothing else went off!!, so i turned off and turned on again and normal , but know i dont know what to do , what the hell!!!,

    So can anyone give me an idea of whats up , or a little help?, please i will really apreciate it,


  3. When i had San andreas( Ps2 version) , i was on the woods just passing by, exploring, and beetween the trees, i remember i saw a guy with a hockey mask too, but i dindt put to much atention to him, i just continued my way;

    But right now that i saw this topic , i remembered very well!!!, and yeah i know that i saw that.

  4. right i dont no if its just me BUT some people are NEVER HAPPY.....allways bitchin and pickin at things.....if its not the GFX of san andreas......its the "lack of things to do" in IV and the driving...........if you cant drive in IV DONT DRIVE THEN.....dont blame the game for the fact you suck at drivin, and if theres not enough for you to do after completin IV......then play online or somethin....just stop goddamn bitchin.....some people just dont seem to understand that compremises have to be made and when R* made IV they obviously had to make some compremises to make such a big city with such good GFX.....sein as people seem to be soooo focused on GFX its rather sad and pathetic.

    Yeah you are completly right!!!, nobody is perfect, R* did all they could to make this game, and it turned out to be the best game ver, but still it cant have all you want, because it?s imposible, maybe in 20 years when we have better tecnology , and then yes, but right know its all they can do, and still it came out perfect, so dont blame R*, because the truth they used all that they had.

  5. Honestly in previous titles like: gta3, vice city and san andreas, o always messed all my cars every time i got a hand on i car i crashed it;

    and in GTA4 , since i have the game i have only crashed like 4 times, the handling on the car is awesome.

  6. HI:

    well i start this topic beacause, for the people who have 360, give diferent opinions, on how to prevent the "red ring of death"

    my xbox is working verywell , never had problem's m but i would like to know and others to know how to protec it, so if you know some tips , thanks.

  7. When i get my Gta4 im going to break up with my girlfriend, so when i come from work the only thing i have to worry about is playing GTA4 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and finish it fast, then i start it all over again and y enjoy it better,

    Because like we all know :


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