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  1. When im driving around, i see some people with their car trunks open and puting stuff inside or taking out, but it would be cool if we could do that.
  2. The first time i passed the game, i killed Derrick, but this time it's going to be Francis, because its suposed that packie is one of your best friends and derrick is very important for him, so well Francis its going to be this time.
  3. Selling drugs, and stashing weapons (real)
  4. It would be cool to see a ghost from time to time, when irs foggy and you are alone.
  5. Hi , i already comented the video on youtube, im DaNNYeLL0x on youtube by the way, cool video.
  6. Thanks bro, i know that this isn't called platonic love , and it would be cool that it would be a proper term for this, lets call it: "Dream love". PS: Rihanna is super hot!!!!
  7. When i was 12 years old(im 16 now), i was in seventh grade, and i went to the movies wirh a girl of the eith grade, and we kissed , and kissed, was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Who is you platonic love, the woman or man, that you love or you are obsesed with, but is not possible to be with her (him), because her(him: is a famous person or whatever, i think everybody has a platonic love, so it would be cool to share it. Mine is an actrees, model, of my country (mexico) , She was born in france, but she lives here in mexico , her name is: "Angelique Boyer", so here is a video of her:
  9. Honestly if Rockstar want to make more money, the should make a pc version, if we look the bussiness side, they will invert a lot of money on developing a pc version, but they would make 6 times what they inverted, so i think that sooner or later it will happen!!!!.
  10. Well for me , is none of the cars in the list XD, My favorite car is : The Cavalcade because my favorite car in real life is the Escalade, and its cool!!!!
  11. The ending is like a soap opera ending, XD lol , no, im just kidding, i liked the ending very real life stuff, not everything roses, but anywhay . GREAT STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i was the only one that get into deep into a game, But for me its more fun like that , to enjoy everything in the game!!!!!!
  12. 100 k is to little for what he did, i think 500K will be fair, at least!!!!!
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