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  1. So i dunno bout any1 else but i found myself growing quite fond of this neurotic beauty haha, like i was always slightly bothered by her questions however i dunno it kinda seems like even though ya know... any comments post it up
  2. Brucie!! i love his natural perfection haha hardest laughs of the game have come from his frat boy commentary
  3. Whats up with that random guy that makes fun of u for being poor or whatever and hands u like 10 bucks because he's oh so rich lol i was just like WTF lol i was totally rofl i meant 100 lol not 10
  4. does any1 know who exactly that comedian is that makes the funy ass midget joke haha
  5. the game came with a map... is it on the map? its not like labelled and if it is i've must have skipped over it or something but it doesnt seem as if its there LC is totally revamped i guess... i need help lol i gotta find it its like a personal goal!!
  6. totally adult!, and u can find hookers relatively close to the strip club that roman brings u 2 on one of ur hang outs with him Hmm, I don't think they would actually do that, since R* is trying hard to avoid further controversy...I think... well im just saying dude they obviously are getting head, being wacked off etc. ITs totally out there check out the game find a hooker there is no lying on my half
  7. So i dunno bout u guys but i've been searching like a mad man to find marco's bistro it's a classic gta area def. like 1 of my favorites and i just cant find it, can any1 help me out here, or at least let me know if my search is hopeless
  8. During some of my Gameplay i've noticed that if u run at a standard railing while running along the rail and yet slightly aimed at the rail and jump it will allow ur character to float along the rail for a certain amount of time depending how fast your running
  9. Ok not that i don't like it or anything but the full blown visual actions from the rositutes are a bit much for me... there was just something classic about watching a car shake with two passengers both in their seats ya know... I think the fact that the prostitute actually makes gestures and what not is extremely innovative however im still a little bothered haha
  10. Like i watched alot of commercial for GTA and i got the Game and what not, im also not that far into but what was up with like that frat boy loking guy i thought maybe u can pick him as a character or something, i dunno if any1 has info ... please enlighten me
  11. Personally, i've just been getting in touch with the city again lol i just got it last night at midnight haha but yea its totally awesome i've just been loving the city, i would have to agree with the cell phone thing dude, its so awesom i love using it to call cops and just distract them , another thing i love is the fact that u actually break into the car, like i know its time consuming but still ... awesome
  12. Im totally just gonna drive around and get a feel for the area lol kinda check out any new changes and then just go on a rampage to make up for all of the tired massacres from san andreas haha
  13. Its no biggie bro, the wait will only make gameplay that much sweeter lol, Personally it took some getting used to but im sure you'll love it haha
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