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  1. Is this game still fun? have you lost the excitement yet? just wondering how everyone else is feeling about the game
  2. Tko18

    GTA B3yond

    if this is a gang why isnt the name in the gang section of this site?
  3. hell if i know...i aint keeping track
  4. Imma be online tonight and i really am tired of playing matchs with no mic people. just wonder who out there have a mic and wanna play a team deathmatch online around 10;30 central time.....if ur interested hit me up
  5. tko18 got a ps3 cam and mic
  6. Tko18

    Stupid! So mad

    A DUH! some of yall just dont get it u are stuck on trying to protect the stupid ones! Why cant everyone just play a free roam match like they r supposed 2! damn there is 15 other online matchs for killing! i really dont know why some of u reply! seriously all you do is bring your stupid smart remarks and try to make the ones who posted look like the bad guys
  7. Hey chief! Can you specify your intentions with your new clan, 'cause I just want to have some "free roam fun with some foreigners" and no "serious" competition?? Mr. kaizer, Denmark I said for more details add me. I have ps3 cam meetings 2 discuss it
  8. Why in free roam games do a deathmatch occur? Just wondering......if you wanted a deathmatch you should have joined one! There is no purpose in keeping free roam when you have to watch ya back for another player that is trying to kill you!!!! AND GET MICS PPL I MEAN SERIOUSLY! Xbox live is way better than ps3's network simply because everyone has mics and communicate! this dont need a response
  9. What up everyone If your interested in joining a gang on the ps3 gta4 game get at me asap ill be starting one soon for more details drop me a message on the ps3 my PSN ID is Tko18
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