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  1. BBC News - Lostprophets' Ian Watkins sentenced to 35 years over child sex offences http://t.co/sZUjqwVAA6

  2. RT @EideticApp: Eidetic v2 is now on the @AppStore with a new design, iPad and iCloud support! https://t.co/29crXJaXRS

  3. Chris

    ImageLodge... (Did I miss something?)

    I may do somewhere, but it was written in PHP back in 2005, with some updates done a year or two after. I wasn't that great a programmer back then. Basically, it was all really old (and bad) PHP code, it would need a complete rewrite really if it were to be used again these days, no point working with the old code. As for the domain name it expired recently, it's too late for me to renew now, just checked the WHOIS and it's pending reactivation so I'm not really sure what's going on with it, I don't recall seeing that status before especially when I wasn't the one renewing. If you're serious about an image hosting website I'd probably just say start fresh, with a short .com name (I also had imgvault.com but never got round to relaunching with that). Imagelodge domain wouldn't have brought you any useful traffic, you'd just have a ton of 404 errors from all the hotlinked and now broken links.
  4. Chris

    LifeInvader.com Launches

    Back in 2011, we reported on some domains Rockstar had registered that we thought might be for GTA V. More recently, you may have noticed lifeinvader.com appearing on the official GTAV website, confirming our suspicions that it may be used for a teaser site. Today, Rockstar have launched an actual website for Lifeinvader, an obvious parody of Facebook. Clicking the logo or visiting the homepage will take you to a random profile on the site. You can login to the site using your Social Club details and "stalk" people there and comment, exactly as you do on Facebook. Many of the profiles contain screenshots, so spend some time browsing around and see what you can find. Interesting to see that you can stalk businesses for deals, we're hoping this actually applies in-game as it's an excellent point of integration.
  5. As everyone is aware, the launch of GTA Online did not go as smoothly as we all hoped, thankfully though, Rockstar have been working around the clock to get all the issues straightened out. After three patches, things seem to be looking much, much better now, but by no means flawless. Today, Rockstar have announced that they will be giving everyone who has played GTA Online this month a free GTA$ 500,000 bonus to their account, as an apology for not being able to handle the sheer popularity of the game. To maintain some sort of balance in the game with this huge injection of cash to everyone, Rockstar will be making two deposits of GTA$ 250,000 spread over a couple of weeks. There will also be a fourth patch released to facilitate the receipt of these additional funds, as well as to fix a few remaining connectivity issues. Full details on the Newswire.
  6. Emilia Clarke In 'Terminator' -- 'Game Of Thrones' Actress To Play Sarah Connor http://t.co/otIekgy1UW via @deadline

    1. BlackListedB


      They just keep rebooting every familiar franchise, just saw the trailer for Robocop, I dunno about such change ups, other then the technology for film making give them a new look, but the acting?!? That can't be improved upon much! haha

  7. RT @GOGcom: 2013 DRM-Free Winter #Sale is on! http://t.co/tLp49Akft1 600+ games 50% off, bundle deals up to 80% off! http://t.co/LH4VnacJ0I

  8. Chris

    ImageLodge... (Did I miss something?)

    I chose to close it down, for a variety of reasons. For a period of about 6 weeks or so I did have a big message up on the site urging people to download a backup of their images as after this they would be gone forever. Sorry you didn't see that. The majority of good users of it were infrequent at best. Much of the frequent usage became hosting for random pornographic images. Basically I didn't want to be associated with it any more. It was never a very good image hosting site anyway, it was simpler than the likes of Imageshack, but it could never compete with today's giants like Imgur, which offers far superior image hosting to anywhere else. In addition to this, because of the type of content it had and the traffic coming from mostly third world countries, it was not economically viable for me to run. I was not able to earn any income from it which meant it was literally wasting my money away on the storage/bandwidth just so random people in third world countries could host some porn. So yeah I'm afraid it's gone for good. I did keep a full backup of the site for about a month or two after I shut it down, in case something like this happened, but I've since deleted that as no one ever brought it up. You are too late I'm afraid.
  9. BBC News - Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal' http://t.co/rYske0l2Mh

    1. BlackListedB


      Our family went on a Dude Ranch vacation circa 1985, I was there, got some vintage pictures on that trip as well. I don't think they got online, but I could put them on Photobucket

  10. #FormulaE Leonardo DiCaprio involved in Formula E entry http://t.co/zvA6EcK5ae via @autosportnews

  11. The Beach Bum update for GTA Online is now available with the latest title update (1.06) available to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. The title update also fixes a whole bunch of exploits and bugs in the game, and also offers some welcome improvements. Racers who regularly race 'Down The Drain' will be pleased to know that the cardboard boxes that would sometimes wreck your car causing you to lose the race have now been removed. Other welcome improvements include the fact that idiots driving their cars into your stationary tank will no longer be committing "insurance fraud" causing you to have to pay out money to them for destroying their car. Below are the full details of the update straight from Rockstar: Let us know in the comments if the changes have improved GTA Online for you.
  12. RT @IMDb: Paul Walker has reportedly died in a car crash in California. He was 40 years old. http://t.co/gWBgtj9uBG #RIP http://t.co/GdJYw…

    1. Mike356
    2. BlackListedB


      Reported this on GTAChronicles as well, with important details from several news TV sources. I was in shock when I first heard

  13. Wow, bet some of you never expected this! Many thought that the sheer size and scale of 2004's GTA: San Andreas (in comparison to GTA III and Vice City) would mean that it would be unlikely that we ever saw a release to follow its predecessors on iOS and Android. But today, Rockstar have announced that the game that some describe as the best of that decade, will indeed be coming to select iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices in December. Great to see iOS controller support being added too, that is sure to raise the profile of this new capability in iOS 7. We absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on this!
  14. F1 peers split over Vettel versus Alonso question http://t.co/aS66TdCwLn via @motorsport

  15. This is amazing! RT @TheGTAPlace: Wow, GTA: San Andreas is coming to select mobile devices next month! http://t.co/g7j4jimg9w #SanAndreas

  16. Social trivia app QuizUp accused of sending user data in plain text and deceiving players http://t.co/Inr61Dbycy via @thenextweb

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      Which explains why I don't play Facebook games or any related stuff.

    2. Chris


      This is the first app I've used that has been caught with this. All the other apps that have done it in the past were ones I never used.

  17. RT @MauriceHamilton: Really pleased @AussieGrit took helmet off during slowing down lap. If they want to fine him, go ahead! Top bloke. Wil…

  18. GeoChallenge 1.1 update took 5 days for review. #iosreviewtime http://t.co/CtZiyd3wza

  19. GTA Cheats update only took 3 days in review. #iosreviewtime https://t.co/9xufqmQ5Ng

  20. Rockstar posted up a big article yesterday giving many more details about GTA Online. If you're sceptical about the game, or are just not sure about certain aspects of it, you should definitely read it. Below are excerpts of the main points Rockstar want to get across. First of all, some general details about it: Next up, Rockstar need everyone's feedback straight from day one, it's needed because they need to know what people think is good and what people think is bad about the game, allowing them to focus their efforts on giving the best experience to everyone. And details on what to expect from day one of the launch of GTA Online: Finally, a few details on some content updates that are already planned:
  21. Chris

    GTA 6 Leaked photos

    They're shit.
  22. Batkid Begins: Saves 'Gotham,' Captivates Internet http://t.co/UWMLC8e10h via @mashable

  23. Almost ready to build new PC now. @Overclockers_UK included a GPU with my pack of Haribo. Nice! http://t.co/YHl5rmCCfa

    1. BlackListedB


      I've gotten interest in my original Nehalem i3 upgraded to i5, but it's not sold yet. Holding off on a PC in favor of an HP laptop 8530P or newer perhaps. Good gaming potential

  24. The Xbox One Is Enormous In Comparison To The PS4 http://t.co/pp7NTjRaFJ via @techcrunch

    1. BlackListedB


      Can't be, just an optical illusion, after the slimming down of both previous generations? Well, admittedly, the Slim 360 is not that much leaner of a machine. I still want it in white though

  25. Rockstar have finally announced that the free Beach Bum update coming to GTA Online will hit your consoles next week on Tuesday, 19th November. The update brings two new weapons, four new vehicles, loads of new jobs, and plenty more apparel, hairstyles and tattoos. You can read Rockstar's summary of all the new content below: Rockstar have also confirmed that new updates will be coming for Story Mode, as well as the previous announced GTA Online updates including the content creator, heists, and capture the flag mode. Finally, Rockstar released a couple of new wallpapers! See more on our GTAV artwork page.