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  1. Did you follow the instructions about the mod? Where and what file was you copied? Do you tried to remove the patch? How is than the screen? We need more info to help you!
  2. Next time try to NOT download the game from the internet! The mods are made for the "original" GTASA, not for the cracked & other bullsh... If you really like the game, i say: "Buy the game, and you will se which game is the GAME" -by a programmer. If you don`t want to buy, patch it!
  3. I don`t understand... What is the matter with the installation? That install is simple like any program.
  4. Some servers, after registration sends you a mail, with bla bla bla... ,the mail "tells" you to download the .ZIPPED package from "link", and extract the gta*.exe to the install directory... If you see this mail, DELETE it immediately, and don`t download the package! The gta*.exe in the package is a TROJAN! Itt will make bugs on your gta, and crashes it If you downloaded it, and extracted it to the install directory, than (*if the game runs normal with any bugs, than too!!) REINSTALL the game! @ the R* we work on that servers to block them, but there is always that kind of people, who makes this
  5. After registration you MUST wait! There isn't rule about time to wait. One time a client must wait 20secs, other time 3weeks. There is no rule! After registration ALWAYS check the PSN ID and your firewall`s port(s).
  6. GTAIII is the best-maked GTA (until now). We worked on it very very hard & much. Try to play GTAVC, and than the GTAIII. You will feel better in GTAIII. I and my colleagues think, that the best GTA is the GTAIII
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