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  1. neoswagga

    Custom Lines

    ok im back after a long break from modding, and im looking for a "guide" or a list that shows what each number(s) mean in the code for handling lines.. im not interested in drift codes cause i already have them, my aim is to mod engine sound by ultering the code without using some lame sound mod package.. yes, ive seen the "project cerbera" but that doesnt explain what im looking for, outside of sami i alter all handling lines manually.. heres an example of what im trying to figure out: handling line: 1600.0 4166.4 2.0 0.0 0.0 -0.2 70 0.57 0.98 0.54 5 340.0 70.0 2.0 R P 8.17 0.52 1 52.0 1.2 0.15 0.0 0.30 -0.10 0.45 0.25 0.3 0.52 19000 40000000 4 0 0 0 same handling line: 1600.0 4166.4 2.0 0.0 0.0 -0.2 70 0.57 0.98 0.54 5 (340.0 70.0 2.0 R P = i know this particular part of the code ulters top speed, acceleration, wheel drive, and engine type) 8.17 0.52 1 52.0 1.2 0.15 0.0 0.30 -0.10 0.45 0.25 0.3 0.52 19000 (40000000 4 0 0 0 = i know this part of the code ulters nitro, hydralics, wheel width and hight) what i need to know is what part of the code mods engine sound (i think its called engine critieria) and i need to know what numbers to place there to use the sound of the BUFFALO and the BLADE from san andreas.. please post all you know about handling lines, i think this could benifit everyone in the long run and possibly be a future pinned topic.. thank you
  2. neoswagga

    Drift Online

    ok i downloaded in installed samp, but when i went to internet in official theres no servers to select?? so whats the deal??
  3. neoswagga

    Drift Online

    thanks man i truely appreciate that, and let me fill you in on some info lol mt. akina is a legendary mountain where drift races are held in japan, its been made popular by a anime called initial d, and theres now a mod of it avalible for download.. http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...29&orderBy= now hopeful ive helped you also
  4. neoswagga

    Drift Online

    yes, you can heres video of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN3tWx2CVhM i would drift with you but i dont know how to install samp
  5. neoswagga

    Problem with SAMI (Img Tool 2.0)

    i use sami only, no img tools or nothing cause in my past experiances i found that sami isnt compatable with a few tools.. i say run it alone in install your mods manually script, skin, map, etc.. also i dont use sami for nothing other then installin cars..
  6. hey i dont know if this will help but heres a mod you could try to fix it with http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...oad&id=3778 hope it helps
  7. neoswagga


    i got version 208 in i cant do nothing but make boxes, and theres no tutorials for the version i have so i want version 107, and ive seen the zmodeler topic here already so postin links to that topic want help me cause thats not the actual program so please dont give me the run around.. i need the exe not a disclaimer lol
  8. neoswagga


    ight, i got gimp lol.. but it want let me reformat photos to a 512x512 size whats the deal?
  9. neoswagga

    custom handles

    ight, periods.. got cha lol, and by the way that fifth number thing was no good.. i know the code like the back of my hand, i can edit any aspect of it with out crashing the game.. speed, weight, damage etc.. no sweat
  10. neoswagga


    whats gimp? i never heard of it
  11. neoswagga


    aw shit, my bad lol.. ight
  12. neoswagga


    i got the software to build cars for san andreas but i need the adobe photoshop program, where can i download it for free? oh in im not lookin for a trial version
  13. neoswagga

    [Tutorial][Zmodeler]How to make cars [Full Guide]

    ok how come my zmodeler says its unavalible now?
  14. neoswagga

    map mods

    nevermind, it has been takin care of, im gettin good at this modding thing lol
  15. neoswagga

    custom handles

    thanks ranx, in yeah i found out about the drivetrain thing yesterday but your right the hydros are the tricky part lol, im basically modding my own drift code but cant get rid of the hydros in on another note ive uploaded a few hondas that where sadly rear wheel drive, anyway im ma try it in get back to you on that pimpin.. oh in do you got a link to that forum you talkin about?